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Small Business Banking Resources

Whether you’re just starting up, working to grow or looking to operate your business more efficiently, Commerce Bank has useful resources that can help. Click on any of the guides below to learn more.

Planning and Strategy

Want to Partner With a Big Company? 3 Important Lessons

5 Ways to Survive Business Seasonality Without Going Broke

Creating a Compensation Plan for Startup Success

How to Value Your Business When Selling

Where to Find Help for Your Start-Up

How to Write a Business Plan

Checking the Feasibility of Your New Idea

Estimating Start-Up Costs

Successful Succession Strategies

Being Small But Looking Big

Identifying Intellectual Property You Need to Protect

Cash Flow and Accounting

Why You Should Really Care About Your Business Credit

Solving Cash Flow Problems

Options When Seeking Asset Finance

The Difference Between Profit and Cash Flow

The Right Way to Apply for a Business Loan


How to Forecast Sales Accurately

How to Hire the Right Person

How to Get What You're Owed Faster


Thinking About Spending on Marketing? Read This First.

5 Ways to Use Behavioral Psychology to Grow Your Business

How to Build a Great Brand

Marketing Your Point of Difference

Develop a Marketing Plan in Eight Easy Steps

How to Research the Competition

How to Secure Clients by Building Credibility


So You Think You Need New Dental Equipment

Is Your Dental Practice Running Cash-poor?

What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Financing

Small Business Articles

Small Business Calculators

Tools to measure your small business potential.

Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos

Short videos that help you understand key business concepts.

Small Business Articles

Small Business Articles

Useful tips and information for your business, covering a range of business planning topics.