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Start-up Business

Thinking about a start-up business of your own? Access resources from Commerce Bank and get practical tips and tools that will help you have a solid understanding to not only assist you in getting your business up and running, but to help you and your start-up be successful.

A Step-by-Step Guide for your Business Plan.

Financial Planning Tools

Developing a solid Business Plan is key to your small business success.

View and download these additional financial planning templates.

Building a Profit Plan.

View our helpful videos

Watch our videos to understand the challenges of increasing profit.

View our helpful videos for successful financial planning tips.

Tips for writing a Business Plan.

View our helpful videos

Our business articles can help you plan your business' strategy.

Additional Small Business Articles.

Small Business Articles

Small Business Calculators

Tools to measure your small business potential.

Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos

Short videos that help you understand key business concepts.

Small Business Articles

Small Business Articles

Useful tips and information for your business, covering a range of business planning topics.