Small Business Loan funds what comes next

Small Business Loans

Commerce offers small business loans to help you reach your financial goals, along with an easy small business loan application process.

Small Business Term Loans
Small Business Term Loans

Fixed rate loans for financing machinery, equipment, vehicles, expansions, or to acquire another business.

Small Business Real Estate Loans
Small Business
Real Estate Loans

Loans for purchasing or enhancing your current location, with terms matched to the life of the asset.

Lines of Credit
Lines of Credit

A line of credit is used by businesses to provide growth, purchase inventory, pay operating expenses, and support accounts receivable.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans
Small Business
Administration (SBA) Loans

Best suited for small, under-collateralized companies experiencing rapid growth or wishing to refinance existing debt.

Commerce Bank Quickline
Commerce Bank Quickline®

A line of credit used by businesses and accessed by credit cards. For more details, contact a loan officer at a Branch Near You

Commerce offers business loans and lines of credit to companies in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado, including:


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