Credit and Debit Card Acceptance

You can benefit from the potential savings and convenience of credit and debit card transactions.

Credit Card Acceptance

Commerce works with a leading payment processor, First Data Merchant Services, to ensure authorizations and settlements are handled accurately:

  • Quicker payment authorizations and approvals equate to less time in the
    check-out line.
  • Easy settlement allows your business to have the necessary cash flow when needed.
  • Credit card transactions processed for all major card types, including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®.

Debit Card Acceptance

Debit card acceptance is an ideal alternative for merchants who receive cash and check payments. Debit card processing provides an easy way to do business:

  • Receive quicker payments - Get your funds as quickly as credit card funds.
  • Reduce time and the cost of processing/handling cash and checks.
  • Savings - You can save on processing costs by using the debit network vs. the Visa and MasterCard Association.
  • Lower chargebacks because customer enters a PIN.

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