Commerce Family Office is ranked among the top 25 multi-family offices worldwide.* >

Commerce Family Office

At Commerce Family Office, we understand the financial complexities and lifestyle challenges faced by families of significant wealth. Preserving the wealth and legacy of a successful family involves many obvious challenges. Serving as a trust advisor to families for more than 100 years, Commerce has built a solid reputation for collaborating with successful families and helping them make informed decisions on matters affecting today's and tomorrow's generations.

We advise more than $11.2 billion in client assets and are ranked among the top 25 multi-family offices worldwide.* We bring strategic guidance, subject matter knowledge and an integrated and coordinated process to support confident decision making by families - all delivered in a caring, highly attentive and professional manner.

Our comprehensive framework of highly tailored services includes:

We have a dedicated Commerce Family Office team that is focused on serving families and achieving results.

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