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Commerce Bank works with businesses to help them be prepared and resilient in the face of disruption. Experience has taught us the value of being open to new possibilities, thinking strategically, and innovating together. None of us know what will come next, but we do know that we're ready to help the businesses we serve be more resilient.

To put it another way, we're built for this.

Build your business for success.

Your business often navigates circumstances outside your control, but how you respond is where you gain some control. Although challenging, disruptions can lead to great opportunity. To harness that success, it helps to build these strategies into your business plan.

There are many and varied pathways to success. A business that’s prepared for change is likely to transition more easily from a path that’s not working to one that will help you flourish. When you’re prepared, you can be proactive instead of reactive, think carefully about your options, find solutions to challenges, and position your business to thrive. It helps to have a financial partner who knows you and your business—and who has proven experience in being versatile and innovative, while providing valuable insights and solutions.
Your business will experience a variety of challenges and opportunities, especially in the face of disruption. From the anticipated to the unexpected, there are forces outside your control that will force you to change. Your ability to spot the potential for growth and quickly adapt to new situations often depends on how resilient you are. To build that resiliency, it’s important to have a problem-solving financial partner who is able to help you respond quickly to a rapidly changing environment.
Businesses that stand the test of time can often accredit their longstanding business partnerships. The right partners often understand your business, care about your success, and want to support your vision. There is benefit to building a consistent relationship with your financial partner - one that is collaborative and innovative and can help you implement new and better ways of doing business.
Does your business provide a product or service that your customers could get elsewhere? If so, how do you stand above the rest? Often, it’s the ability to anticipate a need they may have, investigate and problem solve, or deliver such exceptional service, exceptional service that keeps your customers coming back. Your financial partner should be equipped to help your business add value to the customer experience, from streamlining how your customers make payments to financing state-of-the-art facilities to helping you re-invest in your products or services.

Insights to help you grow.

Those who give the best advice usually speak from experience. Here are some articles featuring business leaders just like you who share the challenges they faced and the solutions that helped them rise to even greater success. We’ve also included other resources to help you build your business for long-term success.

April 9, 2021

ESOPs prove particularly resilient in the pandemic

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March 25, 2021

Asset Liability Management plays a key part in a Kansas community bank’s success story

Read how this bank worked with Commerce Bank's Asset Liability Management services to set themselves up for success and reduce their future risks.

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March 22, 2021

The successful, 40-plus journey for this McDonald’s franchisee ends in Fort Wayne — and with Commerce Bank.

Wong’s rise through the organization is a testament to the value of a positive attitude, a dependable track record and a lifelong desire to take on new challenges.

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