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Payables and Receivables

Simplifying business billing & payment processes.
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Payable and receivable services for businesses of any size.


  • Controlled Disbursement

    Streamline cash flow and plan daily cash needs for your business.

  • Wire Transfers

    Transfer funds electronically to domestic and international vendors.

  • International Payables

    Foreign check processing and document collection.

  • ACH Payables

    Pay employees, vendors and taxes electronically.

  • Payables Automation

    Make more payments with less reconciliation time and more earned revenue.

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  • Merchant Services

    Help with e-commerce, security, payment acceptance and more.

  • International Receivables

    Collect international payments quickly, with fewer delinquencies.

  • Lockbox

    Let us collect payments and have them transported directly to the bank.

  • Remote Deposit

    Deposit checks at your desktop computer.

  • ACH Receivables

    Receive payments electronically and reduce expenses.

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Simplify bill paying and invoicing for your small business with CashFlow Complete

Resolve time-consuming, complicated bill payment and invoicing tasks with a simple solution designed specifically for small businesses. CashFlow Complete allows you to automate the end-to-end process of paying bills, invoicing customers and collecting payments.

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Fraud protection that never has its guard down

Shield your business from cybercrime and payment fraud by reducing your risk from unauthorized electronic transfers, counterfeit checks, forgeries and bookkeeping discrepancies. 

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Customized services for your industry

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From healthcare to real estate, we have a variety of services made for your business.

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Questions? We’re up for the challenge.

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