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Facilitate better receivables with multiple payment options.

If you’re selling goods or services in-person or online, you need trusted and convenient ways to facilitate transactions. Whether you process thousands of transactions a day or a dozen a year, Commerce Bank has several tools available to fit your needs that can simplify your buyers’ experience — providing you with both fraud protection and payment acceptance efficiencies. Our tools also help you remain in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Common financing needs

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Payment Acceptance

Meet your customers where they are. Whether you’re dipping a card, taking a contactless payment, or keying in a card number, we have a solution for you. We offer solutions to streamline your operations by emailing an invoice with a payment link or providing interactive voice response (IVR) so your customer can pay via phone call without talking to a live agent.

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Emailed Payments Automation

Emailed payment acceptance is on the rise, which creates manual processes and reconciliation burdens. Commerce Bank can automatically process these payments and provide a reconciliation file at the end of the day to assist in applying payments against open Accounts Receivable.

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Card Account Updater

Save time with the Card Account Updater service. When stored cards are updated with a new expiration date or card number, the cards can be automatically updated to prevent disruption to recurring payment plans.

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Commerce Bank offers enhanced reconciliation through tools like ClientLine Reporting and Cash Management Files. Reports can give you transaction level detail to help you keep track of who pays you and when.

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Integrated Payments Solutions

Optimize your payments acceptance with solutions integrated into your current workflow. Commerce Bank can work with many integrated solutions and provide you additional tools to help you maintain security and PCI compliancy.

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Transaction Security

Our payments acceptance solutions support tokenization and encryption to protect your cardholders from fraud. Other methods of transaction security include configurable fraud filters and enabling CAPTCHA for e-commerce transactions.

About Us

Commerce Bank is the 12th largest bank acquirer and has sole ownership and direct management of our portfolio. We serve over 11,000 locations and process 80 million transactions annually. Our average customer retention is 7+ years.

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