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Corporate Challenges

Your Corporate Financial Challenges

As businesses grow, the challenges associated with running them grow too. You need to be focused on your business goals, not exhausting your energy worrying about things like financing, costs associated with fraud, or whether you’re ready to make the leap doing business internationally. The key to simplifying your financials is finding a bank with your best interests in mind. There are a lot of solutions out there – you need to prioritize the ones that help solve for the biggest challenges you face as a business owner.

Access to capital

You want to keep growing and expanding your business, so don’t let big expenses slow you down. With a variety of options and experienced finance professionals we have the right solution for the toughest issues facing your business.

Whether your business is facing cash flow fluctuation, you’re exploring opportunities to build, expand or buy or you’re due to update your machinery or technology, our advisors will help you weigh the pros and cons of the various ways to obtain the working capital you need to keep doing business.

Reusable lines of credit help you purchase new inventory, cover unexpected expenses or changes to your cash flow and manage seasonal changes.

Discover more about Corporate Lines of Credit

Obtain loans to help with the purchase of industrial and warehouse space, a new office, or investment properties.

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Operating cost management

The day-to-day maintenance of your business is expensive, but your balance sheet and income statement are reliant on good operating cost management.

It’s necessary to regularly review your operational expenses to ensure the best pricing for cost of goods and services and to determine if it’s better to lease or own capital equipment.

In addition, imagine if your staff could focus less on manual, hours-long processes and instead on high-priority projects. By automating complex payment processes, CommercePayments® solutions from Commerce Bank help reduce employee work hours on manual payment processes, physical storage costs, and time spent auditing. When one of your employees goes on vacation, it’s still business as usual.

The right equipment can mean the difference between having an edge and being left behind. That is why we offer a full range of equipment financing solutions for your business.

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CommercePayments® Payment Hub provides a single payment file to simplify payments. From this single payment file, suppliers can be paid in their preferred method: virtual credit card, ACH, check or wire. Additionally, CommercePayments® Payment Hub maintains supplier information and creates a reconciliation file for your organization, simplifying the reconciliation process. And no more worrying about your suppliers’ questions. We’ll handle all their incoming calls to free up your employees’ time.

Discover more about Corporate Payments

Fraud and data security

Business leaders are well aware that fraud can expose confidential company information and adversely affect an organization’s reputation, in addition to potential financial loss.

While organizations need to protect themselves against the growing threat of fraud, your critical financial partners should be well aware of fraud tactics and how to recognize them. Not only should your partners help to keep your employees up to date on the latest schemes, but they should be educating your staff on how to spot fraudulent attempts to gain access or information that could compromise your company.

Shield your business from cybercrime and payment fraud by reducing your risk from unauthorized electronic transfers, counterfeit checks, forgeries and bookkeeping discrepancies.

Discover more about Corporate Fraud Prevention Solutions


Thanks to the internet and social media, the world is getting smaller. For businesses, this means the future of doing business is international. For those who choose to expand their business across seas, they may access new or untapped markets, access the latest technologies, find opportunities to reduce operating costs and pass along reduced prices to customers, access new talent and spur job creation across the globe.

Sure, taking your business into foreign countries comes with its challenges. Managing payments in different currencies, incurring tariffs and export fees, and the basics of acquiring capital and deposit accounts are just a few. Your organization needs a partner who can access the latest technology for cross-border financial management and is dedicated to staying on top of policy changes and tax laws that impact how you do international business.

Our Documentary Letters of Credit and Standby Letters of Credit are delivered electronically, resulting in fast and efficient processing.

Discover more about Corporate International Financing options

When you do business overseas, you need to transfer funds in a secure and efficient manner. Commerce Bank’s worldwide network of correspondent banks provides you with the capability to send and receive payments virtually anywhere in the world.

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