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Car Dealership

Floor Plan Financing

When your new car dealership needs a line of credit for inventory, we can help. Our dedicated team understands the automotive industry and specializes in inventory financing to allow you to focus on dealership operations. We understand the fluctuations of the business cycle in the auto industry and recognize how critical floor plan stability is for your dealership.

We offer:

  • Floor plan lines and policies that fit your needs
  • Floor Plan Connections to provide 24/7 online access to your floor plan account
  • Cash management account with the ability to utilize excess cash to reduce floor plan interest expense
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Advance rates for new vehicles at 100% of invoice/used at 80% of clean black book
  • Indirect financing program

Our floor plan financing is only applicable to dealerships specializing in new car sales and does not apply to used car dealerships.

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