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Loan Syndications

Expand your access to capital.

Tailored facilities that align with your growing capital needs.

Commerce Bank has a proven track record of successfully arranging and syndicating multi-bank credit facilities. Today, Commerce serves in the Agent capacity on over $4 billion in syndicated credit. Our network of partner banks vary in size, from the nation’s largest institutions to regional and community banks. We work with our clients to select the right bank partners to establish a strong capital base that serves both current and future financing needs.


Streamlined Debt Management.

  • Centralized Point of Contact

  • Eliminate Need for Multiple Sets of Documents

  • Streamlined Servicing for Draws and Payments

  • Minimize Cost of Due Diligence and Negotiation


Position Capital for Current and Future Growth.

  • Increased Capacity From Multiple Financing Sources

  • Flexible Structuring Options

Financing Tailored to a Variety of Situations.

  • Acquisitions

  • Capital Expenditures

  • Construction

  • Refinance

  • Recapitalization

Recent Accomplishments

Mining and Quarrying

$250 million Credit Facility for Mining and Quarrying


$226,750,000 Credit Facility Recognition for Agribusiness

Financial Services

$150,000,000 Credit Facility Recognition for Financial Services

Convenience Store Chain

$97,000,000 Credit Facility Recognition for Convenient Store Chain

Wholesale Electrical Supply

$130,000,000 Credit Facility Recognition for Wholesale Electrical Supply

Commercial Real Estate Construction

$89,715,000 Credit Facility Recognition for Commercial Real Estate Construction

Commerce Bank | Sole Lead Arranger Administrative Agent


When it comes time to find the right financing strategy, let us help.

Our experience and track record can help you gain access to the capital needed to execute on your growth plans.

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