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Trade Finance

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Grow your international business with confidence with our Trade Finance solutions

More than 95% of the world’s population lives outside the United States. Selling internationally is a great way to tap into that massive opportunity — expanding into new markets and growing your business. With our Trade Finance solutions, we employ a consultative approach and support you as you chase and win those opportunities. We lean on our experience with customers of all sizes, watching them grow and thrive around the world. Whether you are venturing into your first overseas market or growing into your twentieth, we’re ready to help.

Trade Financing Services

Export Working Capital Loan Programs

Commerce Bank provides multiple working capital loan programs based on your exportable goods and financing needs to help your organization build export sales and profits.

Our offerings include the SBA Working Capital Loan Program and the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM Bank) Working Capital Loan Guarantee.

Learn more about the SBA Working Capital Loan Program

Learn more about the EXIM Bank Working Capital Loan Guarantee

Letters of Credit Services

Looking to navigate the global market with confidence? Commerce Bank provides tailored solutions for international trade. Our Import and Export Letters of Credit are designed to align with your specific needs, facilitating transactions across borders.

Commerce Bank's Standby Letters of Credit offer the assurance organizations require, reinforcing your credibility in international contracts. Let's work together to support your global business endeavors.

Download the Letter of Credit Application

Import & Export Documentary Collection Services

Commerce Bank provides Documentary Collection Services as an alternative to Letters of Credit, allowing importers and exporters the protection they require without the need for payment obligation. Our direct contact with foreign banks provides rapid and accurate processing of documents for payment.

EXIM Bank Short & Medium-Term Trade Credit Insurance Programs

Commerce Bank, together with the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM Bank) works with exporters to provide both short- and medium-term trade credit insurance policies to limit the risk associated with unfamiliar, foreign buyers.

Private Sector Trade Credit Insurance

Since receivables are the lifeblood of any organization, protect your organization’s export receivables against non-payment from foreign buyers while also increasing your borrowing capacity with trade credit insurance.

USDA GSM-102 Program (For Agricultural Commodity Finance)

Commerce Bank is here to assist international agricultural exporters. Through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's GSM-102 Program, we can facilitate access to the credit guarantees your require. We're committed to supporting your global agricultural trade needs, connecting you with the resources and opportunities to thrive in the international market.

Commerce Bank’s international team members are true partners to our business. They serve as a trusted resource, lending expertise to questions that arise daily. We always appreciate their prompt and thorough support for transactions with our global customers.”

Director of Global Sales

Trends & Insights

February 27, 2024

Breaking down barriers (and the borders) of international payments.

For U.S. companies that do business internationally, navigating complex and unpredictable cross-border foreign currency payments can take its toll on the nerves as well as the bottom line.

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August 30, 2022

Ever-changing Russia sanctions require constant due diligence.

Economic and trade sanctions can be a powerful way to punish military aggression and the countries, organizations and people who support it. But sanctions also offer an ever-present challenge to banks and companies that engage in international trade.

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March 04, 2021

Flying to new heights.

Avtech International continues to expand its extensive worldwide services through a beneficial relationship with Commerce Bank.

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