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Controlled Disbursement

To make smart decisions about your company’s cash flow, you need to know exactly when money comes in, and when it goes out.

Commerce’s Controlled Disbursement service helps eliminate the guesswork. With up-to-date insight into funding needs, you can better control payment planning, help avoid overdrafts and put your surplus cash to work more productively for you.

With our solution, early each day you'll receive check clearing information through Commerce Connections® that you can use to determine your cash position and make timely funding and investment decisions.

Reasons Controlled Disbursement benefit your business:

  • Plan daily cash requirements, identifying excess balances that might be used for investments or to pay down loans.
  • Reduce costs by minimizing overdrafts and credit line use.
  • Minimize administrative time by systematically calculating balances and reporting funding requirements.
  • Simplify account reconciliation and mitigate potential fraud risk.

Take the next step. With Commerce’s Controlled Disbursement Services, you gain greater control of your funds.

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