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CommercePayments® | Dedicated Supplier Enrollment

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Enrollment that makes a difference.

CommercePayments® accounts payable solutions are backed with a dedicated supplier enrollment team. Our Enrollers have over 15 years of supplier relationship and payment acceptance knowledge, so they can carry out strategic calling campaigns tailored to your specific supplier base.

Our enrollers are Commerce Bank employees based in Kansas City, Missouri. They jumpstart and sustain successful accounts payable programs by contacting suppliers and focusing on revenue-generating payment types such as virtual credit cards.

Enrollment that never ends.

Not to say we take too much time. In fact, we make it all the way through your initial list within the first few months. But we also continue to collect new spend files from our clients regularly to capture new suppliers as they are added. Our focus is to grow revenue-generating payment type acceptance over time and create more revenue share dollars to go straight to your bottom line.

Let suppliers deal with us, not you.

Our network includes 2000+ suppliers that don’t require us to call them – they’ll accept payments through Commerce Bank automatically.

We have a customer service line dedicated solely to suppliers we pay. If there’s a problem with a payment method, they call us, not you.

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