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Virtual Credit Card

CommercePayments® AP Card

Automate payments and earn revenue with your virtual credit card.

Easily customized for your business, the CommercePayments® AP Card works with your existing accounting system and provides an opportunity to earn monthly revenue share by replacing paper checks with virtual credit card payments through the card network

  • No software

  • Reduce check expenses

  • Revenue share paid monthly

Commerce came in with an innovative approach and continues to bring us new solutions that help our business. It's a great partnership.”

As a flexible payment management program, the CommercePayments® AP Card supports automated accounts payable and purchasing with a single application and provides your organization operational efficiencies, enhanced controls and detailed reporting.

Create a new revenue stream for your business while reducing operating costs, minimizing risk and maximizing float time.

Whether your company pays suppliers on a regular schedule or needs to accommodate one-time payments and point-of-sale purchases, the CommercePayments® AP Card program's multiple acceptance options fit your suppliers' payment needs and maximize your card volume and overall revenue share potential.

Let us be your private network connection.

Some suppliers don't accept cards, but the Commerce team doesn't let that stop us from working for you. With a dedicated team that contacts suppliers to find solutions, you can capitalize on increased supplier options and increased payment automation. We want to be the connection between you and the buyer that makes the purchasing process simpler.

Supplier enrollment that doesn’t quit.

Other providers offer higher revenue share percentages at the cost of little enrollment – a common mistake that should be avoided.

At Commerce Bank, we will work with you to optimize your enrollment campaign. Our enrollers will help you get your program up and running by contacting your suppliers to set them up quickly, with the ability to offer multiple payment options. Enrollment is continuous through the life of your program as we help your business execute long-term payment strategies for growth.

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