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Commercial Banking Wire Transfers

Moving money around doesn't have to be complicated.

With Commerce Bank’s wire transfer service, transferring funds has never been faster and more secure. Our services make one-time and recurring domestic and international payments simple and efficient. Funds are available immediately, giving you the ability to accurately project receivables and disbursements.

Wire transfers from Commerce deliver:

  • Same-day processing of payments with final credit
  • Ability to schedule same day, future dated, recurring or repetitive transfers
  • Both domestic and international money transfers
  • Online tracking and confirmation

Because Commerce uses both the Federal Reserve's communication network (Fedwire) as well as SWIFT, you can rest assured that your funds will move in real-time, making it the safest and most secure way to transfer funds.

Commerce Bank. Offering more ways to save time and money.

Need to make a wire transfer?

  • Commercial Banking wire transfers
  • Foreign currency wire transfers
  • Personal Banking wire transfers

Commerce Bank’s SWIFT code is CBKCUS44.

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