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CommercePayments® International Receivables

International Receivables

As the world gets smaller, international trade can be a complicated and tricky business.

Selling internationally is a great way to expand into new markets, boost your customer base and grow your business, but there are challenges you may face. How well do you know the customer? Will you be paid for your goods or services?

To remove these and other obstacles, rely on the international and market experience of Commerce Bank. Our export services are designed to support you at every stage of the process. We can address your cash flow needs by helping to fund transactions, make trade safer by reducing payment and currency risk, and improve your business efficiency by ensuring that payments are managed securely and cost effectively.

Based on your specific needs, we can provide:

  • Foreign Exchange: Enjoy competitive foreign currency rates for making international payments or converting foreign receipts to US dollars.
  • Foreign Check Processing Cash Letter and Collection Service: Have you received a check in foreign currency?  Commerce Bank’s worldwide network of correspondent banks provides you with the capability to receive payments virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Foreign Currency Risk Management:  Protect the payment value against foreign currency risk.
  • Incoming Foreign Currency Wire Service:  Get instructions for foreign currency payment routing for all the major foreign currencies.  With many overseas accounts we can facilitate USD value once funds are received by utilizing our FX trading capabilities.
  • Export [PDF] 1 and Standby Letters of Credit [PDF] 1: Selling your goods or services overseas? Gain the assurance that you will be paid for the goods you export.
    • Discounting Service for Export Letters of Credit:  US exporters can discount Export Letter of Credit to maintain competitive in the global marketplace.
    • Confirmation of Export Letters of Credit:  A confirmation removes foreign country and bank risk from your export letter of credit transaction.

      Mail completed application to:
      Commerce Bank
      International Department
      Attn: Letters of Credit
      PO Box 419248
      Kansas City, MO 64141-6248
  • Export Documentary Collection: Our direct contact with foreign banks provides rapid and accurate processing of documents for payment.
  • Guarantees: Assure clients of your financial integrity with respect to international contracts.
  • Banker’s Acceptances: Get assistance in short-term financing.

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