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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What corporate social responsibility (CSR) means to us

At Commerce Bank, we believe our success is defined not only by our ability to help people meet their financial challenges, but also by the mark we leave on the world at large. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we continuously seek opportunities to make a difference. We are committed to furthering CSR initiatives that serve our customers, strengthen our communities and support a healthy environment.

Our CSR work is part of a culture established nearly 160 years ago to be a force for good in our region and our industry. We are driven and guided in this work by our purpose — helping people navigate challenges so they can focus on what matters most. Our ongoing CSR initiatives span several key areas: community investment, customer support, team member engagement, ethics and governance, environmental sustainability, and creating an inclusive experience. For the latest updates on our CSR work, please see our Environmental, Social and Governance Report.

Our CSR commitments

The following beliefs are aligned with our core values and guide our corporate social responsibility efforts:

  • We believe everyone should have access to economic opportunities, affordable housing, education and the arts.
  • We take care to ensure our lending products and solutions meet the needs of the community.
  • We proactively collect customers’ feedback to continually review and improve our products and solutions to meet customers’ emerging needs and challenges.
  • Our marketing practices support a clear and informative approach to advertising.
  • We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where team members and customers of all races, ethnicities, genders, religious beliefs, economic backgrounds and physical abilities feel accepted and heard.
  • We want team members to be able to grow in their career with us and achieve ongoing personal and professional development.
  • We hold the highest standards for ethics and compliance, security, privacy and risk mitigation.
John Kemper

“We believe corporate social responsibility is fundamentally aligned with our core values and has been deeply rooted in our culture throughout nearly 160-year history. We understand that we can only be successful so long as our customers, team members, communities and shareholders are able to thrive.”

Reporting on our CSR initiatives

2022 Focusing on what matters most. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. Friends and family celebrating an event outdoors.

As a socially responsible company, we believe it is important to hold ourselves accountable to our CSR commitments. We assess the impact of our CSR initiatives on a yearly basis through our Environmental, Social and Governance Report. The report assesses the results of our work in several key areas, including customer, community and team member engagement; corporate governance; environmental sustainability; and creating an inclusive experience. It captures specific progress we’ve made in the past year as well as data and metrics to help quantify the value of our CSR initiatives.

Read our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Download the report[PDF]

print page

Environmental Sustainability

print page

Community Investment with non-profit organizations

circles of different colors, representing diversity

Inclusion at Commerce

print page

Social Initiatives and Community Outreach

print page

Employee Engagement & Professional Development

print page

Corporate Governance & Risk Management

CSR highlights for 2022

America's Best Banks 2022 Newsweek | LendingTree

Best Customer Service

America's Best Banks list 2022

2 consecutive years


$1.9MM in
philanthropic investment

by Commerce Bancshares

Commerce in the neighborhood and community 

Community Reinvestment Act


26 consecutive years

Team Member Survey Results

81% Engagement

80% Enablement

82% Sense of Belonging

90 out of 100

Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ equality

For more information, download our Environmental, Social and Governance Report.[PDF]


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