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Inside a Commerce Bank location

Commerce’s culture is our biggest advantage.

Commerce is committed to helping our customers focus on what matters and finding the right personal, wealth, business and corporate solutions to meet their needs. We also strive to be a place where team members can grow and thrive and to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. In order to do so, we make ongoing investments in programs and products that serve our customers, support a healthy working environment for our team members and strengthen our communities.

A culture based on values.

At Commerce, our core values shape the way we live and work. Our culture, formed nearly 160 years ago, continues to be a force for good in our region and our industry today and is rooted in our core values:

  • We have a long-term view. At Commerce, we look beyond short-term gain and invest in our people, products and technology for the long-term.
  • We collaborate as one team. We celebrate our colleagues’ diverse talents and perspectives and use them to make us stronger.
  • We act with integrity. We are committed to doing what’s right, not just what’s most profitable.
  • We are customer focused. We build long term, valuable relationships with our customers.
  • We strive for excellence.  We continuously measure and improve our performance.

We live out our values with a common language, known as Commerce EDGE, that allows us to work together, communicate, learn and be nimble.

“What defines us is our culture. It’s how we communicate and how we work together. Culture is a foundation and the enabler for all strategies. And over the long term, I fully believe that culture is the single biggest determinant of our success as an institution and as a team. It’s our ultimate competitive advantage.”

– John Kemper, President and CEO.

Personalized solutions for customer needs.

At Commerce Bank, our attention is on our customers, their journey, and the ways we can help them focus on what matters most. We don’t make general assumptions or offer cookie-cutter solutions. We believe real help begins with real relationships — listening to people, empathizing with what they’re going through or hoping for, and using our experience and knowledge to help them act on their goals.

Commerce bankers are trusted advisors when financial markets are strong and when the environment is uncertain. We are innovative and agile in response to a changing world. We are here to be a financial partner and to take on our customers’ challenges — providing guidance and advice, introducing new programs and solutions, and enhancing the variety of ways customers engage with us.

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Career growth and development at Commerce.

Creating an award-winning culture doesn’t come easy. But after a century and a half, we know Commerce Bank is only at its best when our people are. We’ve thoughtfully evolved our culture to develop our people. We turn our values into action with tangible behaviors and concepts our team members live each day because work just feels better when we’re at our best. Commerce for U and our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program empower our team members to grow, collaborate and do their best work.

To assist our team member in making personal connections and creating a culture of inclusivity at work, Commerce supports multiple voluntary, employee-led resource groups (ERGs), including RISE (empowering women), EMERGE (connecting young professionals), VIBE (valuing multicultural perspectives), PRIDE (engaging the LGBTQIA+ community), SALUTE (supporting our veterans), and ENABLE (serving team members with disabilities and caregivers). Our Employee Resource Groups were established to help our team members from diverse backgrounds feel a sense of belonging, make personal connections with others who share similar experiences and further their careers.

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Commerce in the community.

We’re only as strong as the communities we serve, and giving back to our communities is a central part of who we are. At Commerce, you can expect to see Commerce and our teammates: 

  • Volunteering. From festivals to food drives, Commerce team members are active in our communities.
  • Supporting. Our team members rally around donation campaigns—like the United Way—by developing events, creative fundraisers and volunteer days.
  • Serving. Through regular outreach, we keep community needs in mind as we develop new products.
  • Leading. Through community-based board service or civic leadership, Commerce and our team members are an integral part of helping make decisions that help build strong communities.     
  • Giving. Commerce supports a wide range of charitable organizations, all focused on improving the lives of people in the communities where we are located.

Learn more about Commerce Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility.