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Commerce Bank COVID-19 Relief Measures

When it’s not business as usual, we still take care of business.

Whatever your challenge, we're here to help.

More than 150 years of helping customers has taught us that life is complex, and that even the best moments in life come with financial challenges. This situation is no exception. In good times and in challenging times, Commerce Bank is here for our customers and our team members. We stand ready to help you through whatever comes your way, so you can focus on what matters most.

Life as we know it has changed, and it’s still changing. We’re constantly working to adapt and respond, to keep our customers and teammates safe and to assist those who are facing financial hardship.

We believe every financial situation is unique and deserving of a personal response. If you are a Commerce Bank customer facing financial difficulties due to the impact of the coronavirus, please call us at 833-518-3458  to discuss how we can help you.

Commerce Bank COVID-19 Relief Measures

For our customers

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For our business customers

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For our team members and their families

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  • Loan payment deferments
  • Installment loans with flexible requirements and first payment extensions
  • Payment plans and temporary forbearance options for mortgage loans
  • Foreclosure sales cancelled or postponed, and new foreclosure referrals halted
  • All auto repossession activity temporarily ceased
  • Credit card skip payments with refunded or waived late fees
  • Reduced credit card payments and fees for long-term financial impact customers
  • Overdraft fees or non-Commerce ATM fees refunded when requested
  • Early CD withdrawal penalties waived due to financial hardship
For existing/eligible Consumer customers; requires Bank approval and must be requested by the customer
  • Loan payment deferments
  • SBA loan with new Paycheck Protection Program
  • Credit card payment deferment and late fees refunded/waived
  • Deposit account overdraft fees refunded when requested
  • Merchant Services waiver of minimum and regular monthly fees for when businesses are temporarily closed
  • Implementation fees waived for DirectCheck Card and Prepaid Expense Card solutions*
For existing/eligible Commercial customers; requires Bank approval and must be requested by the customer.

*Implementation fees waived until June 30, 2020
  • Premium pay for hourly, onsite team members
  • Pandemic-related time off
  • Covering costs of COVID-19 testing
  • New policies to accommodate individual needs
  • Limited access to our branches to minimize exposure
  • Regularly disinfecting work areas and equipment
  • Implemented distributed workforce model
  • Leveraging technology for meetings
  • Eliminated business travel
In the first wave of funding from the Paycheck Protection Program, Commerce was able to help 4,529 clients in our communities secure over $1.5 billion in loans from the Small Business Association, with a median loan size of $64,000.

Supporting our communities.

At Commerce, we believe lasting relationships are built on meeting people and communities where they are. Learning their needs. Taking time to be there, in moments big and small. And making a difference wherever we can. Whether it’s helping small businesses understand the Paycheck Protection Program or our teammates coming together to support the places they live and work in, we’re using resources across all parts of the bank to help make a difference—and keep you informed of what’s happening.

Real challenges, real appreciation.

Now more than ever, we all need each other. As we’ve helped Commerce customers with some of the challenges they’ve encountered, they’ve let us know what it has meant for them.

Customers have been reaching out to us via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds to let us know their thoughts on the Commerce response to COVID-19. Here are just a few:

“Wow, @CommerceBank I am so impressed with the fact that you care for your customers! Thank you for your help during this crisis! ♥️ #banking #youactuallycare” -Julie M.

“How often do bankers hear "Thank You"? Take a minute to thank your banker for the 12+ hour days including Easter weekend to process your PPP applications. Way to step up Commerce Bank Nick Hadley Rob Bratcher @CommerceBank” – Stacey H.

“You guys are ensuring safety and security for clients and employees. We see you. People will remember awesome companies who do the right thing in this time.” – Maylynn H.

“Thank you Commerce for staying open and having our backs.” – Lisa K

“Today [our school] received its PPP loan which will save it and allow us to keep helping children with and without special needs in an inclusive environment when social distancing ends! Thank you @CommerceBank for this amazing good news!” -Brad B.

“Love how Commerce is supporting us during this time, by educating us and looking out for us. Thank you.” – Patrice A.

“Thank you for all that you do and are doing. I have been a customer for almost 20 years and have never been disappointed. So again, Thank You!” -Debbie M.

“Commerce is doing such an amazing job during these trying times!!! Thank you!” – Connie M.

“A big thanks to @CommerceBank and @SBAgov for working around the clock and approving our PPP loan this weekend! This will be a huge help for our business!” – Scott K.

“The Manhattan, KS branch is killing it! Matt Walters and Sean at the main branch have been working night and day for me. Thank you!” – Shanna G.

“Only @commercebank stuck with us every step of the way during our #SBA #PPP process. I’m not used to being on the phone with a banker at 9pm! They are going above and beyond to help us! #covid #stimulus @SBAgov” – Mark T.

As part of our COVID-19 relief efforts, Commerce sent out an email to our credit card holders letting them know they had the opportunity to skip two months of payments with refunded or waived late fees—no need to apply. And our customers responded.

“I wanted to reply - to make sure that I thanked someone for this generous email. This is above and beyond the call of duty. Your generous email is appreciated. Thank you so much.”

“Oh thank you thank you. I for sure will use this one now from now on more and cancel my others, thank you again.”

“Oh my thank you so much. God bless you all. You have helped immensely. Thank you again. Stay safe.”

“This Bank is the Best!!!”

“To whom it may concern, I'm am so appreciative of what you guys at Commerce Bank is doing.”

“Thank you very much. I will still make a payment because I want to keep my account in good standing and maybe get an increase sometime. Again thank you, your customers should appreciate this.”

“Class act, not to apply but to give !!!”

“Acts of kindness like this makes Commerce Bank a large step above the other Banks.”

“WOW!!! Thanks: but do not think I will need the benefits of your generosity...Thank YOU”

“Thank you. This helps a lot, and we didn't even have to ask for it. Thank you!!!”

Applying in the first round of the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program was stressful to many small businesses—but these Commerce customers had a great experience.

“It's been a crazy and difficult month of the world, and for a while, it seemed like every day brought more tough news. We know we aren't out of the woods yet and people and companies have it worse than we do, no doubt. But, in all the negative news there are some great stories out there and the Payroll Protection Program is going to help provide a lot more. We are so thankful and humbled to announce that we received our PPP money yesterday and that it will allow us to keep our entire staff paid at full for the next 8 weeks. We out it to our amazing banking partner, Commerce Bank! They were there every step of the way, form weekend mornings, late-night tests and lots of document scanning back and forth. They carried us to the finish line and our employees want to thank them for that!” - Kansas City athletic company

“We want to say, again, how thankful we are for the team at Commerce Bank who were extremely helpful as we navigated the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan process; we actually received the loan yesterday! Kyle Hundsdorfer and the entire team at Commerce Bank have been extraordinary and we are grateful to Commerce for their support at this challenging time.” - St. Louis non-profit

“When our volumes initially dropped due to COVID19, I reached out to Samantha to confirm Commerce would be ready to assist us through the Paycheck Protection Loan program and that our own line of credit was up to date and ready to go. Samantha was my “life line” through this process. She was patient, acknowledged what she knew vs what she was still gathering information on, and provided timely updates as she had more information. She kept me informed, including texting me after hours as soon as the list of required documents was available so we could submit our application timely. She also was available via cell phone over the weekend as we worked through the application process. How many banks really do this??? Samantha is a very strong advocate for your clients and always made me feel she was available for us no matter what time of day or day of the week. In a time of crisis this is very reassuring.“ - Columbia, MO physician

“Jan told me the PPP funds were in our account. Thank you for your help. I have been getting a lot of reports from farmers that their banks have been hard to work with or they just didn’t have the capability to do the loan. That certainly wasn’t the case with you and Commerce Bank. You were with us when we needed you during these really tough, scary times and I very much appreciate it and I won’t forget it.” - Kansas City area farm representative

“First off, I remain very pleased and impressed with how you and Commerce Bank have absolutely lived up to your motto…Challenge Accepted! It makes me very proud to be in business with you at this time. Thank you for all you hard work in making this happen for us.” - St. Louis marketing agency

“I want to thank you and your team for all their hard work on the PPP loan. We have the money in our account this morning and are very thankful. Hopefully, this allows us to weather the next 8 weeks and provides our employees and their families with some stability. This was very important to us to keep our employees paid and maintain their insurance. I know a lot of the work was done evenings, sometimes very late, and over the weekend. I’ve heard so many stories about small business owners that couldn’t reach anyone or get any help. We certainly never felt that way. On the morning news today, there was a story about how frustrated businesses were about not getting their applications done and no chance of money until maybe end of April. We have ours! Thank you so much. Rick and I appreciate your hard work, great customer service and communication to get this done.” - Kansas aircraft supplier

“I just wanted to reach out to you today as we have received the SBA funding into our account as of last night. We are grateful for the work done by Commerce on behalf of the Firm and others in the community to secure this funding. I’m amazed at how this was handled by everyone involved and I want to acknowledge Ted in particular for his work in keeping this straight. Lots of long hours in a compressed time period for everyone. We are thankful for our long relationship with Commerce and the local team especially.” - Oklahoma City attorney

“I know you are extremely busy at this time but I wanted to take a second and let you know how much I appreciate your diligence last Friday in making sure I had all the proper documentation to insure success on my PPP loan application. Your help with guiding me on the needed documents and keeping me in the loop on Friday until long after your normal working hours and then calling me Saturday to let me know I had been approved made me feel as though I was your only customer and that my business mattered to you. I’m amazed at all the negative press that the government and the SBA are getting over their loan process. I take advantage of any opportunity I have to set the record straight with people making these negative comments to inform them that it’s not the government, it’s their loan institution holding things up.

I have been a Commerce Bank customer for 42 years and it’s times like this when it has proven to be a good decision. I recall 2008 when Commerce remained as one of the strongest banks in a time when others were folding and then again now that just reconfirms my decision to continue my banking with Commerce.” - Springfield, MO auto repair shop

“The PPP loan allowed [our organization] to bring back furloughed clinical and administrative staff and kick-start some clinical programming by telehealth that had shut down when the health crisis started. Without the PPP loan, we would have had to consider more furloughs and closing of more clinical programs. We were able to avoid any and all of that and continue to serve our local community with the full range of services and programs that existed prior to the start of the crisis.” - Kansas City health care provider

“I normally don’t send out letters like this – but what Mike and Jason did for us the last few weeks with getting our PPP loan application approved was nothing short of perfection. We were kept in the loop at all times – even Saturday and Sunday, and they dealt very well with me badgering them probably much more than I should have. Our loan is getting funded tomorrow and will provide some much needed relief during these trying times that will hopefully only happen once in our lifetime.

I believe my family has had a relationship with Commerce going on 50+ years and after the last few weeks, I now know why.”
- St. Louis contractor and third generation Commerce customer

“As a long-term client of Commerce Bank, I just wanted to drop a note of congratulations on your organization’s handling of the PPP process. Having just interacted with, and submitted our loan docs to, Andy Preuhs (who was great to deal with!), we’re truly grateful for our relationship with Commerce!” - Regional hair salon franchisee

“Banks only want you in the good times…was debunked this past weekend when our business applied for the Payroll Protection Program through our banking partner Commerce Bank. Our "banker' Jason Scott went into overdrive to help us apply for these funds from the SBA and it dawned on me he and Commerce were doing this for [our company], not Commerce. Focusing on what was best for [our company] and not themselves makes me realize we have the right partner! And will for a long time... Seems they are there in the worst of times too....” - St. Louis technology company

Challenges give us the will to help, and the courage to take action. During these trying and uncertain times – and always, we appreciate your continued trust and the privilege to serve you.

We stand ready to help however we can to help you meet the challenges of COVID-19, and whatever comes after.

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