Commerce Bank is proud to honor and serve our veterans. Explore career opportunities for Veterans and Reservists

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Whether you are a member of the Armed Forces transitioning to civilian life or a reservist looking for the flexibility to honor your military commitment, Commerce Bank recognizes that you have the leadership potential, skills and integrity that we look for in all of our employees as well as some unique strengths and perspective. We are dedicated to providing the veterans we hire with the training and resources necessary to position you for success.

Armed Forces Skills Translator:

Find out how the skills you learned in the Armed Forces can get you started in a career with Commerce Bank.

Frederick Brown

Frederick Brown – Formerly U.S Air Force
Credit Respresentative

My military experience as an A-10 crew chief has helped me at Commerce Bank by valuing my Air Force Core Values. Integrity First by ensuring that all of my markets have the most current and valid data. Service Before Self because I will ensure that my internal customers have all the information they need to present data to their clients. Excellence in everything I do because I want to ensure that all the data I research and the information I present has been thoroughly analyzed.

Darren Walkup

Darren Walkup – Formerly U.S Army
Vice President, Commercial Banking Relationship Manager

Life in the military instilled high standards in all personal departments of my life from appearance to physical training to the work I would do on a daily basis. I also learned to be disciplined in everything I do and to take responsibility for my actions, don’t avoid accountability. And above all, I learned to work as a team. It was instilled in me that when people come together as a team they achieve more than the sum of their parts. I have named a few skills that I learned during my time in the United States Army that I draw on daily and I believe have helped me be successful working for Commerce Bank.

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