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CommercePayments® Payables Client Support

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Creating high-touch experiences through dedicated support.

Meet our client support teams.

The CommercePayments® Payables Client Support teams are dedicated to helping your company implement best practices, maximize efficiencies and generate revenue to meet and exceed goals.

Supplier Enrollment Team

The CommercePayments® Supplier Enrollment team will help you get your program up and running by contacting and enrolling suppliers with the payment option of their choice. Our network includes 2000+ suppliers that don’t require us to call them – they’ll accept payments through Commerce Bank automatically.

By having a unique understanding of your company's needs and your supplier's preferred payment acceptance practices, our enrollers will optimize automated payments to help grow your program and achieve maximum revenue share potential.

Our team of enrollers is dedicated to one thing – enrollment. They’re experienced and know how to bridge the gap between your best interests and your suppliers’. Finally, we don’t limit our enrollment period. We continue enrollment efforts through the life of your program.

Dedicated Supplier Hotline Team

We have a customer service line dedicated solely to suppliers we pay. If there’s a problem with a payment method, they call us, not you.

Implementation Team

An implementation specialist will guide you through the initial process to get your program up and running. This specialist is dedicated to managing the software set-up and training, service delivery requirements, and supplier enrollment process for the first 90 days of your program. The specialist will continue to oversee all aspects of the project and manage the first phase of the program. Once both parties are satisfied with all fundamental parameters of the program, the implementation specialist will transition your program to an experienced account manager.

Account Management Team

A dedicated account manager maintains a focus on your company's long-term goals, potential growth opportunities and provides strategic direction throughout the life of your program. The focus of this role is to serve as a central point of contact for all support and consulting functions. Account managers continuously evaluate areas of growth potential and measure program performance.

Technical Support Team

The technical support team manages all the technical aspects of your program, such as the design of file formatting, software training, troubleshooting, custom reporting, and reconciliation files. Throughout the duration of your program, your company will receive ongoing technical support.

Payment Support Team

Access professionals who will serve as a primary point of contact for routine program assistance. Members of this team will field inbound calls and make outbound calls to commercial card clients related to account research and analysis. They will perform requested account maintenance, account closures, and general program consulting including card program management best practices.

Call: 800-892-7104
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CT, Mon - Fri

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