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International Payments

If you do business overseas, you need to transfer funds in a secure and efficient manner. Commerce Bank’s worldwide network of correspondent banks provides you with the capability to send and receive payments virtually anywhere in the world.

When you’re paying suppliers overseas for time-sensitive orders and shipments, our network of over 600 banking relationships in more than 130 countries can save you time and help manage costs with every foreign payment.

Our international payment solutions include:

  • Foreign Check Insurance:  Realize fast turnaround and the ability to handle checks in foreign currencies.
  • Foreign Currency Payments: Commerce’s Foreign Exchange Trading Desk can work with you to wire a vendor overseas in their local currency.
  • Import Documentary Collections: Our direct contact with foreign banks provides rapid and accurate processing of documents for payment, to improve cash flow and better time your payables.
  • Foreign Exchange: Enjoy competitive foreign currency rates for making international payments or converting foreign receipts to US dollars.
  • Wire transfers: Use Commerce Connections®, our online portal, to initiate, approve and submit outgoing wires.
  • Foreign Currency Risk Management:  Have an equipment purchase to make in 6 months from a foreign manufacturer, but want to protect against foreign currency fluctuations? We can help.
  • Import Letter of Credit Services[PDF] 1: Use a Letter of Credit to help solve purchasing products or components overseas without wiring the money in advance while still protecting your vendor against non-payment.
  • Bankers Acceptance Financing: Time your payables against arrival of incoming purchases from overseas vendors.

    Mail completed application to:
    Commerce Bank
    International Department
    Attn: Letters of Credit
    PO Box 419248
    Kansas City, MO 64141-6248


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