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Streamline your deductions management process.

Speed up deduction research, automate correspondence and improve efficiency of all resources involved. Integrated Receivables Deductions Cloud, by CommercePayments™, helps manage the deduction process by bringing relevant claims and backup information into a single program providing automatic deduction research and correspondence. The Deductions Cloud is a workflow management tool dedicated to the deduction, claims and dispute process, allowing your organization to resolve disputes faster and proactively identify and recover from invalid deductions. With artificial intelligence (AI), you’re able to identify valid from invalid deductions, lowering your labor costs.


Get more value out of your AR.

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Reduce day deduction outstanding (DDO) by automating research and correspondence between internal departments and your buyers

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Improve internal and external collaboration through workflows and auto-correspondence

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Gain clear visibility into the dispute process, including insight into value, volume, resolution type and more

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Improved net recovery rate for invalid reductions

Take advantage of a more efficient process with Deductions Cloud

  • Smart documentation

    Auto-capture backup documents with the claims and proof of delivery aggregation engine.

  • Collaborative workflows

    Trigger approval workflows to cross-department stakeholders.

  • Electronic deduction correspondence

    Use pre-made templates to send through various communication channels for quick response and approvals.

  • Automated data push to customers

    Auto-push denials and documentation to buyers for invalid deductions and post credit memos with a single click.


How it works

Each day, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system shares customer AR information with our industry-leading Deductions Cloud solution. The Deductions Cloud will aggregate proof of delivery (POD) and bill of lading (BOL) information from buyers or carrier sources. Within Deductions Cloud, short pays and deductions are identified and matched with back-up documentation. From there, Deductions Cloud can assist with research, resolution, and correspondence of claims.

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Discover what CommercePayments® Integrated Receivables can do for your business.

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