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Integrated Receivables offer suite

CommercePayments® Integrated Receivables
It’s time to automate your accounts receivable processes.

Simplify the order to cash cycle with CommercePayments® Integrated Receivables.

CommercePayments® Integrated Receivables is a suite of solutions that allows you to run order to cash as a unified business process, encompassing credit, collections, deductions, cash application, electronic billing, payment processing and a whole lot more.

Flexible with some of the most popular ERPs on the market, Commerce Bank can help organizations determine which options within Integrated Receivables makes the most business sense.

Increase team productivity through automation.

Integrated Receivables allows your business to automate invoice processes, payment and remittance matching, and other repetitive cash application tasks. Your teams can worry less about manual accounts receivable processes and get back to reviewing exceptions and other key business functions.

Lower DSO with frictionless billing and payments.

Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), your teams gain valuable insight into your most critical customers with recommended collections strategies and payment date prediction. By presenting your customers multiple payment options, you can improve DSO by encouraging them to pay earlier.

Ready to say goodbye to manual accounts receivable?

The latest in accounts receivable innovation is finally at your fingertips. Our CommercePayments® solution specialists can help you identify how much accounts receivable automation is right for your business.

Choose the solutions that best fit your needs.

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Automate your credit management process.

• Online Credit Application
• Credit Bureau Integration
• Credit Scoring
• Credit Workflow

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Automate your billing and invoicing processes.

• Merchant Branded Portal
• Invoice Templates
• Dispute Management
• Payment Gateway Integration

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Simplify the order to cash cycle.

• Image Data Capture
• Email, EDI, Web Data Capture
• Invoice Matching
• Deduction Coding

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Streamline your deductions management process.

• Claim POD Backup Automation
• Automated Trade Matching
• Shortage/Price Variance Analysis
• Automated Claim Denial Packages

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Proactively manage operations and optimize working capital.

• Collections Strategies • Notes, Reminders & Commitments
• Dispute Management
• Automated Correspondence

CommercePayments Integrated Receivables

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Discover what CommercePayments® Integrated Receivables can do for your business.

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