Services for Nonprofit Organizations

The Commerce Trust Company has served as a leading source of customized asset management, creative banking and comprehensive trust and retirement plan services to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations since 1906.

We work with more than 300 nonprofit groups across the Midwest, managing or administering more than $1.5 billion in assets. By accessing the deep resources within Commerce Bank and strategically aligning ourselves with external experts, we are able to offer sole source solutions that include not only investment management, but also other essential services such as commercial credit, Treasury services and bond underwriting.

Professional Services, Personal Attention, Custom Solutions

Your financial challenges can be complex. You may face pressure to pursue your broader purpose while keeping expenses in check. You may need to educate a donor, or devise a better way to administer grants or manage your cash.

Partnering with you, a single, knowledgeable professional will serve as your point of contact, coordinating all the ways Commerce can make your money work harder and your organization more efficient.

Asset Management, Banking, Trustee & Administration, Retirement Plan Services
  • Investment advisory
  • Asset allocation
  • Investment policy guidance
  • An extensive platform of investment strategies
  • Assist with planned giving programs
  • Deposit accounts
  • Credit solutions
  • Treasury services
  • Tax-exempt bond financing
  • Custody
  • Trust accounting
  • Performance measurement
  • Fund accounting
  • Assist in grant administration
  • Tax reporting/Bond trustee for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Escrow and paying agent
  • Investment selection & monitoring
  • Guidance in selection of recordkeeping solutions
  • Custody
  • Plan administration
  • Participant education programs


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