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Government & Education Cooperative Purchasing Program

Unlock financial efficiency and revenue growth with CommercePayments®.

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Government & Education Cooperative Purchasing Program

Unlock financial efficiency and revenue growth with CommercePayments®.

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Save time and resources by using a preferred vendor.

CommercePayments® consistently meets and surpasses rigorous standards for financial stability, reliability and value for K-12 educational institutions and government entities. This dedication to excellence has led to our recognition as the preferred payments vendor to TIPS, and as a competitively procured and awarded contract-holder with 1GPA and OMNIA Partners. When you choose us for your payments needs, you’re opting for a solution that comes with superior customer service, competitively procured rates, while checking all your purchasing compliance boxes.

You’re also selecting a solution that not only supplements your employee resources, it assists in recovering lost revenue streams. Our Accounts Payable (AP) automation services strengthens operational effectiveness by reducing manual tasks, while our virtual credit card program offers rebate incentives whenever you use it to pay a vendor, effectively creating a new income source.

A one-stop solution.

Manage all payment and expense types in one centralized hub that allows you to maintain control with maximum efficiency. Our Payment Hub easily integrates with your existing systems, making it a hassle-free addition to your financial toolkit.

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Cost-effective and efficient.

Our automation method allows you to save time processing invoices and paying vendors, improving your cash flow, minimizing manual errors, freeing staff time and ensuring your AP process runs smoothly even if staff are away.

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Monitored and compliant.

Our advanced fraud protection continuously monitors suspicious activities. Our tailored spending controls let you set guidelines by employee, department or division to manage spending and ensure employees are compliant with purchasing limitations.

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Frequently asked questions.

CommercePayments® is an umbrella term referring to multiple AP products. These products include virtual credit cards, commercial cards, invoice automation, and an integrated payment hub that is a centralized place to manage all your payment types. Our financial solutions professionals can help you determine which products best fit your specific needs and create a tailored solution just for you.  
Our virtual card program offers rebate incentives when you use it to pay vendors, creating new income for your school or government entity.
Cooperative purchasing programs reduce the cost of goods and services by aggregating the collective buying power of K–12 public schools and government entities. Our status as the payments contract holder for TIPS, 1GPA and Omnia, allows you to streamline the selection process by avoiding a request for proposal (RFP).
The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and Lead Agency (Region 8 ESC) have chosen Commerce as their leading payments provider. We also have contracts with OMNIA Partners and Lead Agency (Region 4 ESC), and 1 Government Procurement Alliance (1GPA) and Lead Agency (Deer Valley School District).

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