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Capital Markets Group

Capital Markets Group

When you’re busy conducting business, it’s easy to get hung up on hidden obstacles that delay your growth. That’s why the Capital Markets Group (CMG) offers solutions to help you succeed in achieving your unique goals with fixed income products and ancillary services that provide the necessary information to help you make appropriate investment decisions and assist you in meeting regulatory requirements.

CMG’s investment professionals support corporations, not-for-profits, insurance companies, financial institutions, money managers and municipalities with investment strategies tailored to each client’s objectives and current market conditions. CMG is committed to handling every challenge that faces your institution and we will keep innovating so you can focus on running a successful business.

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Investments for Corporations, Not-for-Profits, and Insurance Companies

We work closely with you to develop and execute an effective investment plan, making your money work harder toward achieving your company goals. Our comprehensive investment services for corporations include:

  • Cash management services
  • Investment plans with a coordinated investment policy and strategy
  • An extensive set of fixed income products to meet your investment needs
  • Systematic and continuous investment of operating funds and working capital
  • Strategic use of tax-free investments
  • Competitive overnight investment options
  • Structured portfolios to meet cash flow requirements
  • Detailed account information
  • Online access to account status and activity

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Investments for Financial Institutions and Money Managers

At CMG, we still believe in the tradition of correspondent banking based on long-established relationships with mutual respect and support. By focusing on a select mix of superior products and services, we help our partner banks prosper. Our services and attention to portfolio structures are designed to help you operate more efficiently, perform more profitably and compete more aggressively. Our comprehensive investment services for financial institutions include:

  • Portfolio accounting reports
  • Asset/liability management services
  • Analytics package
  • Peer group analysis
  • Full custody service (pledging, safekeeping)
  • Overnight fed funds (agent program)
  • Excess balance accounts

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Investments for Municipalities

Taxpayers demand accurate financial management of their public institutions. Today, hundreds of public entities turn to CMG for help with cash management, debt structuring and other key fixed-income investment services. At CMG, we can help you manage your entity’s cash and liquidity to maximize yields. Effective investment planning and execution make public money work harder for you and your constituents. Our comprehensive investment services for municipalities include:

  • Development of requests for financial services (RFPs)
  • Structuring deposit accounts
  • Cash management programs
  • Overnight investments
  • Full range of high grade investments as permitted by state statute: treasuries, agencies and collateralized CDs

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Municipal Debt Management Services

Arranging and managing public debt is complex and challenging. We understand the challenges and have the experience necessary to assist public entities with:

  • Negotiated and competitive underwriting
  • Lowering interest costs through debt refunding
  • Debt structuring, financing strategies, issue sizing and project coordination

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Safekeeping and Pledging Services

Ensure the safety of your securities by allowing Commerce to store and protect them. We reduce the risk of loss or theft by holding fixed income securities in safekeeping, making them available for sale upon demand. Your administrative burden is lightened as we take responsibility for their daily management, tracking trades and providing periodic statements that detail changes in position. Safekeeping services available from Commerce include automatic processing of principal and interest payments, 1099 reports, pledging activities and online access to holdings information, safekeeping receipts and credit advices via our secure web portal.

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Investment Portfolio Services (Bond Accounting/Analytics)

Stay up-to-date on your bond portfolio’s performance, while meeting regulatory reporting requirements with Bond Accounting services from Commerce Bank. We have the tools to accurately and efficiently process information on your fixed income investment portfolio. Receive custom online reporting that delivers the information you need to support decision-making

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Asset Liability Management

Manage your bank’s liquidity and interest rate risks with asset liability management services from Commerce Bank. We have sophisticated strategic management solutions for managing the risks that arise due to mismatches between your bank’s assets and liabilities. Leveraging our experience in this specialized area, our analysts will work with you on ways to balance your bank’s risks.

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Fed Funds/Excess Balance Account (EBA)

Maximize your community bank’s earnings by working with Commerce Bank to invest your excess funds overnight in our As Agent Fed Funds pool or EBA. Earn a competitive interest rate, with interest posted to your account daily.

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  1. The Capital Markets Group is a division of Commerce Bank.

  2. Investment products:
    Investments in Securities are NOT FDIC Insured: NOT Bank-Guaranteed and May Lose Value.  The Capital Markets Group (CMG) of Commerce Bank is not acting as your 'municipal advisor' with the meaning of Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act, and does not act in a fiduciary capacity.  CMG does not provide tax advice; please refer to your tax professional.

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