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Your Small Business Banking Challenges

Your Small Business Banking Challenges

Managing Business Financials

You've got a lot on your plate. Your vision needs to be focused on running your business and not worrying about things like fees and fraud. The key to simplifying your financials is finding a bank with your best interest in mind. There are a lot of solutions out there - you need the ones that help solve the myriad of challenges you face as a small business owner.

A bank account is one of the more significant items you need for your small business, but getting the right one can seem a bit complicated. Which bank account is the best one for your unique business? Will you need to switch account types to avoid unnecessary fees as your business grows? What type of online services will you need to manage your cash flow?

Separating your business and personal accounts is essential for the best management of your funds. And, like it or not, there might be times when your cash flow is running a bit dry, leading to inconsistent balances. You need transparency of your accounts so you can adjust when necessary.

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Access to Capital

For many small business owners, taking on business credit can be intimidating but necessary to take that next step. Whether it’s new equipment for increased production, a bigger space for larger capacity or more staff to handle a growing customer base, you’ll need funds upfront to hit that next tier of success.

When your business is ready for growth, we can help you get the capital to make that happen.

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Payments and Cash Flow

Worried about getting paid on time? Worried about paying others on time? Maybe you're spending too much time tracking where money is going. You need efficient payment processes and up-to-date records no matter where your money is going - to your partners, vendors, employees - or you.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed when it comes to picking the right solutions. Let us help you make sure your money is moving to the right place at the right time with our payments solutions. We have everything a small business might need, including credit card processing, remote check deposit, payroll & expense card solutions and reporting.

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Fighting Fraud

Fraud constantly evolves so it's critical to stay updated on the latest security threats. Not only can fraud cause big financial losses, it can tarnish the reputation of your business by putting your customers' financial information at risk. We'll help you stay vigilant in protecting your assets while balancing all of your other priorities.

We put a tremendous emphasis on helping our customers keep themselves safe from fraud. For added protection, we'll coach you through the latest scams and show you how to avoid them. As you would with your clients, we owe it to you to be diligent about fighting fraud and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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You’re busy running your operations during the day, so a lot of the back-end work tends to happen at night. You need to be able to access your financial information even while working long hours. Why should you have to limit your productivity to 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday?

Whenever, wherever. We help you stay on top of your business financials at any time with 24/7 online access to your banking, financing and payments solutions.

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