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From our consultative approach to our robust selection of products, there are several factors that make Commerce Bank a strong financial partner for our customers, as we have been for over 155 years. First and foremost, we take the time to get to know our clients and what’s really important to them. If you currently bank with us, you already know the level of service and commitment that we provide on a daily basis. It’s no different with our Merchant Services program – we’ve been applying those same qualities to payment processing solutions for nearly 50 years. Our best-in-class service is epitomized by our exceptional customer retention rate. We realize that everyone has unique needs and we will work with you to understand your goals.

  • Are you giving your customers the payment options they deserve?
  • Do I have a need for mobile payment acceptance?
  • Am I PCI compliant?

As a business owner, you likely think about these things every day. And occasionally, you might need a little advice or direction, but are unsure of who to ask. That’s where Commerce Bank can help. We want you to think differently about us because we think differently about you. We respect the guts it takes to run your business and want to be alongside you in your journey. That journey begins with Clover.

Let’s see how we can help lighten your load.

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Protect your customers

Safeguarding your cardholders’ data is not only good for business, it’s a requirement. All merchants who accept payment card transactions must be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) at all times. Our knowledgeable staff takes your security very seriously. We employ a dedicated Compliance Services Manager to help you navigate security threats and help you protect your business as well as your customers. Trust us to assist with securing your payment card data to help keep customers happy.

Unsure if you are PCI compliant?  Call us at 800-828-1629 and let us help!

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We want to be in business with you and our dedicated support teams will be there for you every step of the way. But don't just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about how we are making their lives easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questionnaire is a set of multiple-choice questions designed to identify your card acceptance and processing environment. It’s designed to assess your compliance with the PCI requirements of all card associations regarding your policies, procedures, administrative controls, access controls and physical security measures as they pertain to those systems that store, process or transmit cardholder data.
Offering your customers additional ways to pay can boost sales. You also won’t be relying on customers to always carry enough cash. Additionally, we offer quick access to funds while possibly decreasing bank costs. The benefits of card acceptance often outweigh the costs.
We’ve helped businesses save on processing expenses by uncovering unnecessary or excessive fees. And, of course, we will handle all of your information with care and security in mind.
The card brands require an agreement to be signed in order to process their credit cards. This holds us accountable and lets you know we promise to honor its terms and conditions.
Commerce Bank separates itself by providing value as a full service bank, offering deposit accounts, business loans and other banking needs, not to mention extremely competitive and transparent rates.

If you do not comply with the security requirements of the card associations, your business may be at risk for compromise. You are subject to fines from the card associations for non-compliance, and if compromised, you are at risk for financial loss, additional fines, loss of business, damage to your brand's reputation and other critical systems failures. For any questions, or to check your compliance status, please call our Merchant Support team at 800-828-1629.

The scan, often called a vulnerability scan, is conducted by a third-party vendor of your external-facing IPs. It identifies systems that are not secure and could be open to a security breach or data compromise. Together, the questionnaire and the scan provide a snapshot of how well you are protecting your cardholder data that you store, process or transmit. A passing scan and passing questionnaire recognizes your business as PCI compliant. If you don’t pass the scan and/or questionnaire, you are considered non-compliant. We are happy to work with you to address the areas of weakness, risk and vulnerability.
Our support team offers consultation you likely aren’t receiving, helping you maintain up-to-date terminal software and assist you with warranty issues – services you are likely not getting from an online provider.
Our high level of service and support, along with potential cost savings may outweigh cancellation fees.
Your discount rate is just one factor in pricing. Other fees and how you process cards can affect what you truly pay. Let us do a no obligation cost analysis to determine how low your rate really is.
Good news — First Data is our processing partner. The only thing that will change is the benefit of direct customer service from our in-house support team.
The busiest times provide the best opportunity to save money since you are most likely taking in more credit card payments during this time, resulting in higher costs.

It's easy, not to mention free and environmentally friendly! Enroll here or call 800-828-1629.

Questions? We’re up for the challenge.

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