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Our Solutions: Business Credit Card

Cash flow, control, and convenience all in our business credit card solutions.

When you started your business, your first thought likely revolved around supplying your product or service to your customers. But as your business has grown, you’ve become more aware of managing your finances and finding ways to monitor your cash flow. This can often bring up more questions than answers. You also may have been wondering about the benefits of a business credit card. Well, you’re at the right place.

Streamlining your organization’s payments through our business credit card program can have big business advantages. Whether you are looking for a rewards card or simply an alternative to petty cash funds, we likely have a solution for you.

Business Rewards Card

Earning rewards while managing
your finances has never been easier.

From 1% Cash Back1 to airline travel
to gift cards, we offer some of
the most competitive
redemption options in the industry.

Commerce Bank Business Reward Credit Card

No annual fee*

Earn bonus points.2

Individual credit limits per employee.

Additional cards available at no cost.

Business Rewards Card 1% Cash Back from airline travel to gift cards!



View Important Terms of the Business Rewards Card [PDF]


Business Platinum Card


Looking for a business credit
card with a low APR and an extended
grace period? We can help.

This card is designed for those
customers who tend to carry 
a revolving balance.

Commerce Bank Business Platinum Credit Card

No annual fee*

Low APR and extended grace period.

Individual credit limits per employee.

Additional cards available at no cost.


Business Premium Card Low APR with an extended grace period.



View Important Terms of the Business Platinum Card [PDF]



Our cards are monitored by several fraud prevention tools that seek out suspicious transactions, cash advances, card-not-present activity and other questionable transactions and our Visa® Liability Waiver also covers you for unauthorized spending,3 providing you peace of mind as you streamline your payments.

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Vendors want you to say goodbye to checks.

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The risks of petty cash.

Reducing the use of petty cash can help small business owners minimize risk. Learn the risks of using petty cash and about alternative options.

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  1. A Cash Back redemption is applied as a statement credit. The statement credit will reduce your balance but you are still required to make at least your minimum payment. Values for non-Cash Back redemption items such as merchandise, gift cards and travel may vary.
  2. To activate Quarterly Bonus Points and learn more about the promotion, visit and click “Earn Points”.
  3. Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers U.S. issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa or certain Commercial Card transactions. Customers must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Certain exclusions may apply.

Businesses must be within Commerce Bank’s retail lending area (MO, KS, IL, OK, CO) to apply.

To view or print a PDF file, Adobe® Reader® 9.5 or above is recommended. Download the latest version.

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