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Small Business Term Loans

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Small Business Term Loans

Unlock the growth potential of your business.

Got big plans for your business, but a lack of funds? Don’t let that slow you down. Whether you’re purchasing equipment or bulk inventory, looking to refinance other debts or need to renovate office space, our traditional terms loans1 help you accept the challenge with the capital needed to fund your business. With competitive rates and flexible terms, we work with you to design a custom loan repayment schedule. At Commerce, we pride ourselves on providing both convenience and flexibility to allow you to build your business your way.

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Work with a small business financing specialist to learn more about your options available through Commerce Bank.

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Remove the complexity of financing.

Term loans provide you the upfront funding needed to invest in your business. You then pay it back on a fixed, consistent schedule to help you manage expenses. Repayment terms may vary from short-term (one year or less) to long-term (five to up to ten years), depending on the amount of your loan and your unique business needs.

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Applying for a term loan can be painless.

Designed for loans up to $200,000, our 1-page application is designed for a quick turnaround with minimal documentation. Qualifications for term loans are determined by the health of your business, based on information such as credit score, length of time in business, revenue, and collateral, depending on the loan amount. Get started on your application by reaching out to a Commerce Bank Small Business Finance Specialist today.

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  1. Term loans for small businesses must be located in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma or Colorado.