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Scheer Dentistry

A Crowning Success.

Scheer Dentistry
Wichita, KS

The practice of dentistry is embedded in the Scheer family’s DNA. It began in 1918 when Dr. G.W. Scheer moved to Wichita and opened a dental practice. His son, Dr. Harold Scheer, joined him in 1945. Their legacy continues today, over 100 years later, with Harold’s son, Dr. Brick Scheer, at the helm. His son, Dr. Brandon Scheer, is a practicing orthodontist in Denver, Colorado.

Operating a successful dental practice over multiple generations takes more than a passion for pearly whites, says Dr. Brick Scheer. “My grandfather developed a business model built on high integrity, good service and the belief that we should put our clients’ well-being above everything else,” he says.

Dr. Scheer looks for the same qualities in those he works with, which is why he says he has banked with Commerce Bank since 2009. “I want to spend my time in the office doing what I do best: taking care of patients,” he explains. “I need a bank that can anticipate our needs and will look out for our best interests.”

Commerce, Dr. Scheer says, understands what it takes to make a dental practice successful. “When I needed to refinance some equipment and commercial real estate loans, Commerce jumped through hoops to arrange favorable financing,” he says. Additionally, Commerce was able to help streamline Dr. Scheer’s day-to-day banking needs with services like Remote Deposit.

“What I like most about Commerce is the way they treat me,” says Dr. Scheer. “They make life easy by providing sound advice and taking care of the details. Commerce is a trustworthy bank.”

“In Commerce I’ve found a bank I can trust. The bankers I work with are honest, and they live by the Golden Rule. They treat me just exactly the way a person wants to be treated.”
— Dr. Brick Scheer

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