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    April 11, 2024

    The risks of petty cash.

    Reducing the use of petty cash can help small business owners minimize risk. Learn the risks of using petty cash and about alternative options.

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    April 03, 2024

    Build your complete point-of-sale system with Clover

    Clover makes it easy for small businesses to adapt to the changes in behavior caused by the pandemic. Learn how Clover can help your small business.

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    April 03, 2024

    Choosing the best merchant services provider for your business

    Choosing a merchant processor is a major financial decision for your business. Use these questions to help find the processor that best meets your needs.

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    April 02, 2024

    Key factors to evaluate when choosing a merchant services provider.

    Here’s what small business owners should look for when it’s time to choose a merchant services provider.

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    March 08, 2024

    Celebrating National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day: A Tribute to Small Business Heroes

    As we approach National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, observed annually on March 29, it is our privilege to express our heartfelt appreciation for the small business owners who contribute immeasurably to the cultural and economic fabric of our society.

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    March 06, 2024

    How can I manage cash flow as my business grows?

    Cash flow management is vital in a growing business to prevent cash flow issues. Read these tips to help manage cash flow in your growing business.

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    March 04, 2024

    Navigating Bias and Conflict in the Workplace

    Establishing a culture that supports, values and rewards differences actively combats patterns of bias. Use these strategies to help strengthen your workplace.

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    February 26, 2024

    Navigating PCI Compliance with Commerce Bank

    This article delves into the significance of PCI compliance, exploring what it entails, why it matters, and how Commerce Bank and its Merchant Services team is at the forefront of assisting businesses in this essential journey.

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    February 15, 2024

    Employee Appreciation Day

    In this article, we explore the significance of Employee Appreciation Day for businesses of all sizes and provide actionable ways to celebrate and appreciate your valuable team members.

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