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Financing Solutions


Kickstart the growth of your small business.

Acquiring a business has the power to propel your business forward, from providing you a built-in client base to gaining new market share.

There is a lot that goes into securing acquisition financing - the history of the business, the new owner’s plans for the business and the owner’s financial history. For these reasons, working with an experienced lender is a must.

If your business is ready for an acquisition, don’t let a lack of funds hold you back. At Commerce Bank, we offer a full range of acquisition financing options, including both short- and long-term financing, to deliver the capital you need to complete the acquisition and meet your cash flow, tax and other needs. 

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Speak with a small business financing specialist to learn more about your options available through Commerce Bank.

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Experience counts.

With years of know-how and a consultative approach, our staff will work with you to ensure you get the capital you need with the best financing terms to suit your small business. Our goal is the same as yours - to help find the solution that makes the most sense for your business.

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