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Fighting fraud on a laptop

Fighting Fraud

Protect your business from emerging threats.

A security breach can wreak havoc on your business, tarnish your reputation and put your customers’ financial information at risk. The damage done by these financial losses can be significant enough to shutter the doors of many small businesses.

With new security threats emerging daily, it’s important for small business owners like yourself to stay informed of the latest fraud trends and continually evolve best practices so that your business and customers remain safe.

Commerce helps customers understand the latest cybersecurity threats, impending fraudulent practices and scams, while providing tips and solutions to avoid damaging your business.

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5 Strategies for Fraud Mitigation

Vigilant and proactive behavior toward cybersecurity-related matters is more critical than ever. To help avoid fraud, we have prepared some key strategies that you can begin using today.

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Solutions to help keep your business secure.

Be proactive with your finances by activating Account Alerts. You’ll be notified of various account activities including any suspicious activity that occurs on your account.

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With built-in fraud prevention, all transactions paid via CashFlow Complete are verified before clearing to make sure payee and payment amounts are accurate and unaltered.

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As a card-accepting business owner, you are required to be PCI compliant. Understanding PCI DSS can be challenging. That's why we employ our own compliance services department that works with businesses every day to establish compliance plans.

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Commerce Bank offers secure, encrypted transactions by using EMV chip technology on all Visa® Business Debit and Business Credit Cards in addition to using multiple fraud prevention tools to monitor accounts for potential red flags. Visa’s Liability Waiver also ensures you are not liable for unauthorized purchases or withdrawals from your account.

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November 30, 2021

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November 01, 2021

National Fraud Awareness Week: Nine tips for small businesses to stay vigilant.

When fraud occurs, the impact can be devastating. Whether it’s a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam, a ransomware attack or internal theft, the good news is there are many things small businesses can do to protect themselves.

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