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Small Business Healthcare Solutions

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Healthcare Solutions

A healthy business means more healthy patients.

The biggest threat to a medical practice’s long-term success is not a lack of profit – it’s a lack of cash flow. Understanding how to maintain a healthy cash position is the most vital sign in building a successful practice, but that takes more than balancing your bank statement. Don’t let slow-paying patients impede your growth.

Whether you’ve already put a lot into your practice or are just beginning to build it, our team can help guide you through industry changes, insurance issues and increasing operational costs so you can keep your attention on your patients.

Trends & Insights

August 23, 2021

Creating Peace-of-mind, One Client at a Time.

See how this small business in partnership with Commerce Bank found financial solutions for their business providing more time to focus on their customers.

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June 5, 2020

Apple Tree Therapy Talks Commerce Bank

Stacy Bragg of Apple Tree Therapy Services talks about her experience working with Commerce Bank during the Paycheck Protection Program loan process.

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June 16, 2020

PPP Funds Used to Help Those in Need

Tri-County Mental Health Services discusses how they used PPP funds to provide online counseling to those in need during the pandemic.

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Loan Options

Secure financing and upgrade your existing equipment or office.

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Practice Acquisition Loans

We offer conventional financing up to 100% of the acquisition cost.

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Equipment Loans

Equipment financing solutions and traditional loans for equipment and businesses of all sizes.

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Streamline Loans

Designed for term loans and lines of credit up to $150,000, our 1-page application is designed for a quick turnaround with minimal documentation.

When it’s time to grow or move your medical practice, our real estate banking professionals can help you navigate the complexities of acquisition and financing.

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Prioritize your patients’ experience by offering flexibility and increased safety in how they pay you, whether through credit, debit, online or phone payments while maintaining your PCI compliance.

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Business Account Management

Access your business accounts quickly and conveniently.

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Small Business Digital Banking

Convenience. Speed. Organization. Mobile and Online Banking is like having a branch at your fingertips – and it’s always open

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Small Business Checking

Get account access whether you’re in your practice, at home or out in the community.

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Small Business Rewards Card

Pay your bills while earning points toward airline miles and gift cards.

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