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Phil White owner of A-Z Auto Repair

A Business Rewards Card with A-Z Coverage.

A – Z Auto Repair

Columbia, MO

Honest and reliable service is the foundation that A – Z Auto Repair was built upon, says owner Phil White. His mechanics strive to provide the utmost quality from routine oil changes to more complex jobs and detailed mechanical issues.

White understood that Commerce Bank shared these characteristics when he was searching for some small business banking advice – more specifically, he was seeking an easy solution to free up some cash flow. After learning a bit more about his business and what Phil was trying to achieve, Commerce had the perfect answer: a small business credit card.

The ease and convenience provided by the Business Rewards Card allowed Phil to simplify his cash flow management. “Using my Commerce Bank Business Rewards Card makes tracking my business purchases easy,” White stated. “I can easily glance over the purchases on my statement, and I don’t have to worry about keeping petty cash on-hand or even think about paying my bill. It’s automatically deducted from my business account each month. If I have a question, I’ll call the number on the back of my card, but I can also count on a number of people at my local bank for support if anything ever comes up."

Commerce Bank’s Business Rewards Card has the flexibility to fit the needs of small businesses like A – Z Auto Repair and every purchase made with the card earns rewards. Customers can cash in points for a 1% cash back to their statement or choose from a variety of rewards options, such as airline travel and gift cards. With 2x and 3x point bonus offers in rotating merchant categories, points can add up quickly.

“This program has allowed me to reward myself and my family. We travel occasionally, so I use the rewards for airline tickets and hotel stays. It’s like getting a free vacation,” White stated. With the high-touch customer service and flexible rewards program that Commerce Bank offers through its Business Rewards Card, A – Z Auto Repair found a lasting financial partner.

“The Commerce Bank Business Rewards Card is just easy and convenient to use.”
— Phil White

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