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Clover payment

Build your complete point-of-sale system with Clover

We’ve all seen the substantial disruption that COVID-19 has created for small businesses. As many have lost out on revenue from temporary shutdowns and capacity limitations, business owners are now reassessing their daily routines to make up for the financial gap. As communities are re-opening, now is the time to make adjustments to how you do business; especially as we see the many lasting effects of the pandemic.

  • What are your needs today?
  • How do you anticipate them changing in the future?

As small business owners search for answers to those questions, an often overlooked and very lucrative area for improvement is merchant services. The point-of-sale has undergone dramatic changes since the beginning of the year – many more transactions are done online, and in-person sales are seeing a spike in contactless payment methods. Small businesses that haven’t updated their payment acceptance methods could quickly fall behind. Perhaps you need more flexibility for card acceptance – like a card reader you can take on-the-go to accept curbside payment. Or maybe you’re looking for help with your promotional offers or loyalty programs to encourage return customers. From retail storefronts to restaurants, from online-only to always-on-the-go, you’ll need a scalable payment processing solution that can adapt to your unique business challenges - and Commerce Bank can offer exactly that.

Meet Clover - the perfect addition to your business. Designed with a “merchant first” attitude, Clover point-of-sale systems eliminate some of your daily business routines, shifting your attention to where it should be – your customers. The Clover family of products allows you to take payments more promptly, manage your assets and employees and communicate with your customers in more ways than ever. The Clover Station or the Clover Mini can be used as your main register while the Clover Flex or the Clover Go provide fully portable payment options. All Clover products are part of an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that allows for constant connectivity and syncing between devices, giving you anywhere/anytime access. While they work in a variety of environments, Clover is especially ideal for quick-service restaurants, retail shops, medical clinics, service/maintenance establishments, spas, salons, dental practices and veterinary clinics.

Clover provides a contactless payment solution while also supporting traditional acceptance methods such as gift cards, paper checks, PIN debit, digital signature capture and more. Best of all, Clover is customizable, so you can build a system that meets your business’ unique needs and grows as your business grows.

Clover also offers a suite of apps to help you navigate a number of small business needs, transforming your point-of-sale solution into an expansive business hub. By utilizing apps to help with back house management, customer or employee management or your loyalty and promotional programs (just a few examples of the thousands of apps), you are supercharging your devices and truly unleashing their nearly unlimited functionality.

In the chaos of today’s environment, perhaps you could use a little help harnessing your sales information to guide business decisions. Clover offers a tool (Main Street Insights) to help track your business data, allowing you to more efficiently analyze and identify your sales trends, enhance your customer interaction and maximize your marketing efforts. By uncovering the hidden stories behind customer spending habits, you open the door to new opportunities that will drive your business’s success.

Unlike many of its competitors, Clover offers the flexibility of working with your choice of payment processors. And when paired with a stable and secure institution who has been in the merchant services business for over 50 years like we have, Commerce Bank and Clover may be just what you need at just the right time.

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