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Could Mobile Remote Deposit work for your business

Mobile Remote Deposit by Commerce Bank is a time saving addition to your business. It allows your remote employees to deposit checks when they are not in the office. Bringing additional flexibility in payment processing, Mobile Remote Deposit allows users to deposit checks into a specified account using their iOS or Android device. This is especially useful for industries like transportation and insurance, where drivers and agents are collecting payments outside of the workplace.

Users can conveniently deposit checks one at a time, as they come in, or grouped together. These deposits feed into an online database where you will have the option to allow your back-office staff to approve incoming batches.

Along with greater flexibility in payment collection, there are additional benefits that your business can leverage with Mobile Remote Deposit:

  1. Process Efficiency: Allowing your employees to deposit checks remotely increases your operational efficiency. No more holding on to checks until an employee returns to the office.
  2. Online Accessibility: Payment details and check images are archived in Commerce Bank’s secure online database. This provides you with an opportunity to create robust reporting (by employee, account, region, etc.) and search capabilities of deposits for reference or accounting purposes.
  3. Funds Availability: You’ll have faster access to your funds since you’re giving your employees the ability to deposit checks as they are collected.
  4. Ready to expand how your business processes payments while providing check collection flexibility to your remote employees? Contact us today to get started. You can also read more about Mobile Remote Deposit from Commerce Bank or view our Remote Deposit best practices.

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