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Female nurse helping woman in wheelchair at her home

Creating Peace-of-mind, One Client at a Time.

Freudenthal Home Health, a trusted provider of skilled home health and hospice care, was founded in 2004 by Joe Freudenthal with the goal of helping seniors live full lives at home. Built upon a foundation of love and appreciation for seniors, Freudenthal Home Health operates with the intention of making a difference. In fact, it has been their mission to deliver first-class care, treat others with respect, kindness and concern, exceed expectations at every turn, and provide peace-of-mind to their clients and their families.

While they have been successful in their mission, Freudenthal Home Health hadn’t been able to achieve that same peace-of-mind when it comes to back-office processes. To remedy this, they partnered with Commerce Bank in 2012 to gain access to a variety of business solutions to streamline financial processes, granting them the gift of time to pursue their passion. As time went on, they determined that they had the opportunity to become even more efficient.

Fueled by their desire to transition to paperless operations, they spoke with their trusted banker to find a solution. After discussing their unique needs, they began to utilize Small Business Online Banking, allowing them to access digital transaction history from virtually anywhere and reduce the amount of paperwork shuffling they had to endure. But behind the scenes, Christina Bushong, Vice President of Financial and Human Resources Operations, was still spending lengthy amounts of time on payables processes.

“The time that it took was probably the biggest challenge,” Bushong says. “When you are a small business paying invoices, as you grow, the time it takes to do all of those things grows as well. I was spending so much time printing checks for payables and trying to reconcile invoices to check payments that were coming in.”

Though this is a reality for many small businesses, Bushong knew there had to be a better way. After expressing some of their concerns to their banker, Commerce introduced Freudenthal Home Health to a plethora of solutions including CashFlow Complete, a digital solution to streamline their payables and receivables processes. After hearing that its capabilities extend beyond bill payment, they decided to enroll. As they began to use the system, they experienced numerous benefits.

“The time savings outweighs all of the other benefits for us,” Bushong shared. “I was spending a whole day doing payables before, but now it only takes me maybe an hour. We are also spending less money on supplies, postage and envelopes.”

Through CashFlow Complete, Freudenthal Home Health not only automated their bill payment and invoicing process, they have also taken advantage of its unlimited cloud-based document storage and accounting software integration, saving them even more time.

With the time and money savings created by CashFlow Complete, Freudenthal Home Health is able to spend less time paying bills and collecting payments — and more time positively impacting the lives of seniors in Missouri. And seeing small businesses regain the ability to focus on their passion will always be seen as a success to us.

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