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Capital Tower and Communications, Inc.

How One Company’s Decision to Switch Per Diem Processes Was Coming in Loud and Clear.

Capital Tower & Communications, Inc. | Waverly, NE

While many businesses have employees working out of cubicles and offices, the field teams at Capital Tower & Communications, Inc. get their best work done at active construction sites.

Founded in 1992, Capital Tower & Communications erected its first telecom tower in Nebraska. Now, with offices in five cities around the country, the company works with the nation’s biggest carriers to build critical communication towers.

With so many employees working on jobsites around the country, Capital Tower & Communications needed to supplement their workers’ personal expenditures with daily per diem allotments. And despite the company leveraging the latest telecom technology to erect towers, their current per diem handling process wasn’t keeping up with the times. Renee Greunke, the office manager in charge of processing employee payments, looked to Commerce Bank for an alternative solution.

Greunke shares her experience:

“Our previous per diem card system was very time consuming as it involved many steps to pay weekly per diem funds to our field employees. We then had to replenish those distribution accounts to prepare for the next week’s transfer. Once we switched to the CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Card program, I quickly realized how much time I was saving with this new system.

Our Commerce Bank support team provided excellent instruction. Once I started working with the Prepaid Expense Card web portal, I realized how much more efficient the per diem process was going to be for us. From issuing cards to new employees, transferring funds weekly via the bulk upload feature, and issuing a replacement card when an employee loses their card, the Prepaid Expense Card program has been the best change we have made.

Transferring held per diem to an employee who has returned from their break has never been easier. Plus, it’s saving us money on ACH bank fees. I really can’t say enough about how incredibly efficient this part of my job has become – and it’s all thanks to Commerce Bank and its Prepaid Expense Card program.

I am so happy and relieved we made the switch. As an added bonus, the customer service team at Commerce Bank is top notch! They are always there to help by quickly resolving any issues. A huge “Thank You” to the Commerce Bank team for such a wonderful, time-saving solution.”

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