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Axis Energy Services

Energy Industry Organization Prepared for Growth with Automated Per Diem Program.

Prepaid Expense Cards Replace Costly, Time-Consuming and Risky Cash Distributions


Currently there are about 300 crew members throughout the U.S. working for Axis Energy Services, a Longview, Texas-based company providing completion and workover services in the oil well industry.

The former per diem clerk for the company, Leigh Ann Richmond, was responsible for getting per diems to each of these workers. At the time you might expect Richmond to be feeling a bit panicky. She wasn’t, and that’s in large part because of her experience with CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards for the company’s per diem program.

Wrangling the Numbers

When we spoke to Leigh Ann Richmond, former per diem clerk for Axis Energy Services, there were about 300 crew members throughout the U.S. working on various projects for the Longview, Texas based oil well company.

The Prepaid Expense Cards solved the cost, time and risk challenges that once plagued the company.

Previously, she had to determine the total amount of per diems owed for each of the workers by yard and then wire that amount to the yard manager three times a week. The manager would then withdraw that amount in cash and distribute the correct amount to each of the workers. The whole process took hours each week and working with cash carried inherent risk. Additionally, the weekly wire transfers cost the company $4,500 in fees annually.

A Better Per Diem Process

With CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards, Richmond was able to set up employees and issue cards to them in less than two days.

“When we added several new employees a few months back, I learned how easy it was to handle the per diem set up,” said Richmond. “It was incredible, the amount of data — which employee received, how much and at what location — we could manage so efficiently.”

Benefitting the Organization and Employees

While CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards have greatly benefitted the organization, employees have realized advantages of them over cash per diems, too.

“In the past, if employees lost their per diem cash there wasn’t much we could do,” said Richmond. “But now if they lose their Prepaid Expense Card, I can instantly issue a replacement card and they immediately have access to their money. I probably reissue a new card every day and it just takes a few minutes.” The reloadable prepaid cards can be used everywhere Visa® is accepted for goods or services, or for cash at ATMs.

CommercePayments® solutions are provided by Commerce Bank.

“The CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards system saves me time and our organization money. I can’t imagine a better way to handle

Leigh Ann Richmond
Former Per Diem Clerk,
Axis Energy Services