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CashFlow Complete

Does organizing and paying your bills take more time than you like? Do you struggle with managing and tracking customer invoices and payments? If you said yes to either of these questions, CashFlow Complete can help.

With the Basic Plan, you can automate the back-office processes with ridding your desk of all that paper and saving you tons of time, which can then be invested back in your business. Make the switch today. Pay. Get Paid. Grow.

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Simplify your bill payments: Save time by automating your bill payment process.

  • Save time with recurring bills and auto pay:

    Take control of your cash flow with recurring bills and auto pay. Finally, put an end to late bills and missed payments. Reinvest your time and focus on growing your business.

  • One-click to pay:

    Pay bills on the go – anytime, anywhere.

  • Go paperless:

    Receive and store bills electronically.

  • Built-in fraud prevention:

    All checks paid via CashFlow Complete are verified before clearing to make sure payee and payment amounts are accurate and unaltered.

Automate Invoicing and Collections: Get paid faster without the hassle.

  • Get paid faster:

    Receive ACH payments, via your own payment portal.

  • Track invoices:

    Keep a finger on outstanding invoices. Plus, send reminders for pending and late payments.

  • Easily send digital invoices:

    Create customized invoices online, and send them via email.

  • Anytime, anywhere access:

    Manage invoices and reminders on the go—across multiple devices.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Real-time payment tracking:

    Easily track incoming and outgoing payments, giving you a clear view of your cash flow.

  • Import and export data:

    Import customer and vendor data, export bill payments and invoicing transactions to other applications.

  • Online document storage:

    Get organized with online document storage--saving project documents, including estimates and contracts, with invoices and bills—all in one centralized place.


  • Send or receive ACH payments:

    $0.35 per item

  • Monthly service fee:

    Basic: $1.25

  • CashFlow Complete mails your check or invoices:

    $1.40 per item

Try CashFlow Complete free for 30 days. After 30 days, the fee for the CashFlow Complete plan you select, plus the applicable transaction fees, will be automatically withdrawn on a monthly basis from the deposit account you choose during enrollment.

Learn more about CashFlow Complete Plans by downloading the Plan Guide [PDF].

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