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Smart moves for springing into your busy season

Smart moves for springing into your busy season.

Summer’s almost here, and your customers are looking forward to vacation, pool time and shopping. Whether you have a neighborhood storefront or a seasonal summer business, you’re probably gearing up for more visitors. Your business has a lot to offer, and now’s the time to make sure you’re at your best as new and returning customers consider giving you their business. Here are some ways you can prepare now and spring confidently into your busy season.

1. Offer a seasonal promotion.

Beautiful weather is a perfect time to run a sale to increase traffic to your business. Pull together a spring promotion that makes sense for you. You could partner with a non-profit, organize an event to kick off the sale or incorporate a new product or service.

2. Review your website and social media.

As customers start to shop, they may be searching for your business online. Double check your information is listed correctly on your website, any social media accounts and on popular sites like Yelp and Google. Make sure the correct hours, location and contact information are listed, and take the opportunity to highlight any promotions.

3. Refresh your storefront.

Attract the attention of sidewalk shoppers and potential new customers with an inviting storefront. After a long winter, make any needed repairs, confirm all lights and signs are working and maybe consider a new paint job. Take down outdated marketing and replace it with current promotions. If you have an online store, make sure it’s up to date and engaging with your most current product selection.

4. Staff up.

Now is a great time to hire summer interns and seasonal help. College students are home for the summer – and looking to build their resume – and can be an asset to your team. Before you experience higher traffic, make sure you have enough people on staff to ensure quality customer service.

5. Make some improvements.

Think about your last busy season: What worked, and what didn’t? Review processes like customer onboarding, order fulfillment, accounts payable and payment processing for any issues. Ask your existing staff about their biggest challenges to see if there are adjustments you can make. Do you still handle some processes manually? You might explore services that streamline cash flow or simplify accounting or other processes to help you work more efficiently.

6. Establish your goals.

Make tangible, achievable goals for your busy season and the rest of the year. With more and new customers coming in, now could be a good time to build your email marketing list or generate interest in a new product. Your customers might also appreciate additional options for making payment. You can grow your business while offering customers the convenience of ACH and card payments. Or maybe you’re thinking bigger and want to open a new location, launch a new product or even start selling internationally.

7. Talk to your bank.

Your banking specialist can be a great resource – and for more than financing. If you share your plans with them, they may be able to help with business functions like accepting payment; recommend tools for improving cash flow and other processes; or even come up with strategies to help you reach your goals. Finally, they might alert you to challenges you haven’t anticipated to help you proactively prepare for them.

Just picture it: people wandering by your business are drawn in by your fresh, up to date storefront and enticing seasonal promotion. A returning customer is excited to learn you’ve started to accept online payments. You’re looking and performing at your best, which makes you prepared to leverage your busy season and achieve your goals.

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