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Small business owner managing payments

Uncomplicate the complicated.


CommercePayments® provides customized advice and automated solutions for organizations’ accounts payable and receivable challenges. We are committed to helping professional service providers create efficiencies through commercial cards, a one-card solution that improves accuracy and operation efficiencies; increases spending controls; and monitors and ensures compliance.

CommercePayments® Commercial Cards

  • Simplifies and controls spending by managing programs from a single platform
  • Offers pre-set controls and spending limits defined by employee, department or division
  • Manages your budget, cash flow and employee spending through reporting options and spending analysis
  • Monitors transactions with multiple fraud-prevention tools.

Card options include:

  • Commercial Card One card for all travel and entertainment expenses.
  • Corporate Card manages and controls travel and entertainment expenses.
  • Purchasing Card improves spending control while streamlining purchasing and payment processes.
“CommercePayments® has been a great partner to our growing company. Their AP solutions implementation team and ongoing customer service support is at a very high level. They continue to be engaged with our business and needs by finding ways to help grow our payments program to thrive in an efficient manner.”

– Lori Achtenberg,
Vendor Services Manager,
AVI Systems, Inc.

Accounts payable and receivable solutions.

  • Reduces costs and risk of errors through planning daily cash needs
  • Simplifies employee, vendor and tax payments through ACH services
  • Pays, tracks and reports on business costs while earning revenue

CommercePayments® AP Card.

Supports automated AP and purchasing with a single application, while earning monthly revenue share.
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Minimizes risk and maximizes float time
  • Increases operational efficiencies
  • Enhances controls and reporting

Implementation made easy.

CommercePayments® helps businesses get their programs up and running without interruption.

For more information on how accounts payable solutions can pay you as you pay others, contact a CommercePayments® Representative or call 800-892-7104.

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