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The Swiss army knife was an ingenious invention. Its creators found a way to nestle many handy, easy-to-use tools in a package that fits in your pocket and can adapt to your situation or surroundings.

Small business owners who are looking for a similar package of affordable business management tools now have their own version of a Swiss army knife. It’s called the Clover Point-of-Sale (POS) System.

Instead of corkscrews and can openers, Clover is an all-in-one business management tool that integrates marketing, sales, human resources and operational functions into a single, sleek system that can be accessed on a dashboard using your phone or computer. As a fully customizable solution, you have the ability to select from a wide array of tools to create a Clover system that meets your unique needs.

Let’s take a look at a few of your options.

Clover Contactless Payments

Every business should strive to make it as easy as possible for their customers to pay for their purchases. An emerging solution is Clover Contactless Payments. Popular among younger consumers, this Clover feature makes it possible to pay without physically swiping a card or handing it to another person.

Customers can simply tap their phones at the checkout and pay using a mobile payment service like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Wallet or almost any other payment app linked to their bank account, debit or credit card. Checkout lines move faster and customers are in and out in a flash.

Your business doesn’t have to have a brick-and-mortar location to benefit from a contactless payment system. For example, Clover® Go, a lightweight handheld card reader and app, can process both credit cards and contactless transactions. It is a great alternative for small or mobile businesses, especially cash-only businesses that would like to accept credit cards.

Other businesses may prefer a complete Clover POS system to take the place of their cash registers, terminals, receipt printers, label printers and barcode scanners. Many come with tools for organizing and tracking inventory, managing customer reward programs, building customer databases and other time- and money-saving options.

Clover Online Store

More people are shopping online today than ever before, so if you don’t have an e-commerce sales channel, now might be the time to add one. If you already have an online presence, an expansion may be in order. Either way, a Clover Online Store is a good way to upgrade your e-commerce capabilities.

A Clover Online Store is an all-in-one solution for selling your products and services online. Using its ready-made templates, you can create a professional-quality website that is automatically optimized for use across tablets, smartphones and laptops. Clover’s simple-to-use content management system then makes it easy to keep the site up-to-date.

Step-by-step instructions show you how to upload and add products, manage inventory and connect your store with Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. E-commerce and shopping cart functions are automatically built into every Clover Online Store site, enabling you to customize shipping charges and tax rates.

Clover’s Online Stores integrate seamlessly with Clover Retail POS systems and include data protection to keep transactions secure. Together, they not only provide customers more choices, they also combine your sales data, transaction information, analytics, marketing tools and more on one comprehensive platform.

Clover Developer Community

Do you have an idea for something new you would like your business to try? Perhaps you’d like to team up with another company on a co-branding opportunity. Or maybe you’d like to grow your business by creating a new online fan club or support community. Are you in need of a custom tool to help with inventory management, employee scheduling or sales tax?

Chances are, someone else has already had a similar idea or need. And if you’re lucky, they have already created an app that addresses it! Check out the Clover Developer Community. There, you’ll find an open platform where any willing party can build applications or services designed to integrate with Clover devices. The Clover Developer Community spans the globe and contains ready-made solutions for sports and fitness, automotive, beauty, health care and dozens of other industries.

You can tap into this existing catalog of apps and incorporate them into your existing Clover POS system. If you don’t find what you need, you can also reach out to the Clover Developer Community to ask questions and find someone who can develop a solution for you. You’ll get a product customized for your business, along with the peace-of-mind that it will work with your existing POS system.

Clover Gift Cards

Gift cards are an effective way to add new customers and create greater loyalty with existing ones. With the Clover Gift Card service, you get access to the tools needed to build an effective gift card program. If you already have a gift card design, you can upload it and order your own custom-branded gift card designs online in minutes. If you need a little help, Clover offers nearly 100 different design templates that you can customize with your logo and branding.

Clover also gives you a choice of creating physical or digital gift cards – or both. While some still prefer a physical card, a growing number of consumers like that they can conveniently select, buy, share and redeem cards on demand. By avoiding printing and postage for physical cards, your overhead costs are lower, too.

Another benefit of getting your gift cards through Clover is that they will integrate seamlessly with your Clover POS system. Store credit can be issued directly from your Clover POS device, and the platform’s gift card reports provide a comprehensive picture of your gift card sales and redemption, enabling you to track and manage your gift card sales.

Clover Loyalty Programs

The key to a successful business isn’t just finding new customers. It’s to keep those customers coming back, again and again. A Clover Loyalty Program provides all the tools you need to stay in touch and build loyalty with your customers.

Your Clover POS system includes apps that make it easy to collect and manage customer information. You can use that information to send targeted promotions, special offers and discount information via text or email messages. Special offers can be included on printed or digital receipts. There are endless innovative and creative solutions that can be further customized for your needs.

Clover Loyalty apps can be used to track reward points, alert customers to time-sensitive sales, promote products on your online order confirmation page and other custom promotions. There’s even an app that makes it possible to give back to your local community by allowing customers to round up their purchases, if they choose, with donations going to neighboring resources in need, such as schools or churches.

Clover also has apps for collecting customer feedback. These tools provide a simple way for customers to share information quickly and privately that you can use to improve your business.

Main Street Insights

A Clover POS system doesn’t just make it easier to manage your business; it can help you make better business decisions. The smart technology behind Clover’s Main Street Insights tool provides market intelligence you can use to match your marketing and sales programs to the needs and interests of your customers.

Tools are available that help you identify sales and customer spending trends. Main Street Insights also enables you to mine sales data – both your own and aggregate data from similar companies – to help you make informed decisions on staffing, marketing, promotion and other issues.

By digging into this market intelligence, you can gain insight on when to offer sales or promotions that may appeal to targeted customer segments in a given season or product category.

Because your historical data is loaded into the system, you can draw insights about your customers’ buying habits and predict how they might respond in the future. The more data you compile, the more helpful Main Street Insights can become.

Clover does more than just credit card processing. As the business multi-tool, it helps you build an online presence while keeping your operation running, your people safe and your cash flow stable. Sell more with Clover!

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