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Miller's Professional Imaging

A Payment Solution That Gives Back.


Miller’s Professional Imaging is the largest photography lab organization in the United States, providing professional prints and press products for photographers nationwide.

Prior to working with CommercePayments®, Miller’s was utilizing a corporate card program to pay for travel expenses and small miscellaneous charges. Laden with annual fees, the program offered no rebate and no solution for large purchases. As a result, Miller’s continued to write checks – an unnecessary practice which cost the company time and money.

As a company with a business model that values customization, Miller’s realized it needed a card program that would fit its specific needs and help cut costs. So, when approached by CommercePayments® about a commercial card program that would eliminate annual card fees, reduce check writing costs and generate a monthly revenue stream, Miller’s was anxious to make a change.

To date, the CommercePayments® Commercial Card program has helped Miller’s:
  • Earn monthly revenue share
  • Reduce check-writing costs
  • Pay suppliers more quickly
  • Eliminate annual and other avoidable fees
  • Eliminate credit applications for suppliers
  • Streamline the Accounts Payable process

All of Miller’s team members participate in Miller’s monthly cash profit sharing program. “The revenue share dollars go straight back into our profits and allow for larger profit sharing figures each month,” says Marcia Sorrick, CFO. “Rewarding our team members with the largest amount possible is always our goal.”

For more information on how accounts payable solutions can pay you as you pay others, contact a CommercePayments® representative or call 1.833.342.1658.

“This program has been very lucrative for Miller’s. There is the obvious impact to our bottom line profit (our monthly rebate), but there are also many hidden savings. Our accounts payable process has been streamlined. We have fewer checks issued to vendors each month, and it has eliminated the lengthy credit application process with vendors.”
— Marcia Sorrick
Chief Financial Officer Miller’s Professional Imaging

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