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Poulos Somers

Quality care for patients and their practitioners.

Poulos & Somers | Denver, Colorado

For more than 50 years, Poulos & Somers has provided quality dental and periodontics care to the people of Denver. Over its history, the practice has evolved with innovative periodontal technology and welcomed new doctors to the team. But one thing that hasn’t changed is its commitment to its patients, who count on Poulos & Somers for expert care and service.

In 2019, the leadership of Poulos & Somers found themselves seeking a bank they could depend on. After a disappointing experience that offered no personal relationship, the periodontal team was ready to find a better banking partner. “The personal touch had disappeared, to the point where they didn’t even know who we were,” Dr. Nicholas Poulos explains. “We couldn’t get a hold of anyone.” Hearing recommendations from industry peers, and after their first meeting with Commerce Bank associates, Poulos & Somers decided to switch banks.

“We wanted a relationship that had more of a personal touch,” Dr. Poulos shares. “At Commerce Bank, we get the best of both worlds. Commerce has the power of a bigger bank, but the personal service of a smaller bank.”

When Dr. Poulos decided to use Commerce Bank for his personal banking, a team member personally visited his home to help transition their online billing. “Above and beyond, for sure,” Dr. Poulos remarks. “My wife was concerned about switching banks with the hassle of transferring accounts. But Commerce Bank said, ‘No problem. I’ll come and help you do all of that.’”

Poulos & Somers turned to Commerce Bank again when Dr. Kimberly Marshall was ready to buy into the practice. “Commerce Bank made it simple,” Dr. Marshall says. “They’ll come to your house or office. Even if it’s just a paper to sign, there’s never a question of when you can come to the bank. It’s always, ‘I’ll come to you, whatever time works for you.’” These personal touches keep the practitioners of Poulos & Somers coming back to Commerce Bank for their banking needs.

“I always feel like I can call the team at Commerce Bank, and never feel like I’m being a bother,” Dr. Marshall adds. “When an associate came to our house, my husband started talking to her because his own practice was looking to change banks. And that’s because we’ve had such a great experience.”

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the great experiences kept coming. Poulos & Somers was in near daily contact with Commerce Bank about securing a PPP loan, as well as a second line of credit. “Commerce Bank has been great,” Dr. Poulos notes. “They helped us to keep paying our employees during the shutdown. We got in the first round, right out of the gate.”

After dealing with an eight-week shut down, Poulos & Somers opened their doors to patients again with a bright future ahead. “It was nice to know we had the kind of bank behind us that Commerce Bank is,” Dr. Poulos concludes. “They worked so hard to ease that stress for us. We are happy with Commerce Bank.”

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