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Connections that bridge the gap.

Boxley Group | Houston, TX

For more than 12 years, Boxley Group has engaged clients to deliver high-value, sustainable solutions, bringing a unique alignment of commercial, strategy, operations and technology consulting to industries across the globe. Kathy Pattillo, Partner at Boxley Group, and her team leverage their experience to help clients resolve people, process and technology challenges. As Boxley Group has grown, they’ve been grateful for a true partner in Commerce Bank. “Our firm wouldn’t be where we are today, or who we are today, without our relationship with Commerce,” Pattillo says.

A strong relationship is what brought Boxley Group and Commerce together in the first place. For close to a decade, Pattillo had been networking in the Houston area alongside Sebastien Solar. When Solar joined the Commerce team as Houston Market President, Pattillo and Solar began a partnership that would benefit both organizations.

As growth at Boxley Group began to take off, they turned to Commerce Bank for a line of credit. Boxley Group saw firsthand what differentiates Commerce from other banks when they sought that line of credit. “We talked to several banks,” Pattillo shares, and their previous banking partner would not provide a line of credit because the organization had no history of debt.

“Commerce had the easiest process by far, and they took care of us getting that line of credit put in place,” Pattillo says. “That outstanding relationship with a banker appealed to us and made it such a great match.”

Shortly after receiving the line of credit, the COVID-19 pandemic began — and Boxley Group relied on their Commerce partner again. “Commerce helped us get a PPP loan in place that wouldn’t have happened through the large bank,” Pattillo shares.

And the partnership goes both ways. As Commerce clients go through ERP transitions and process improvements, the Commerce team is able to connect organizations to Boxley Group. Similarly, Boxley Group makes introductions for the Commerce team in Houston for lending, payments and integrated receivables.

When Boxley Group clients need a lending partner, Pattillo turns to Commerce. “When lending against planes, vessels and large items, Commerce only takes the securitization of the asset they’re lending against,” Pattillo comments. “A lot of other banks would then ask for other assets to securitize the loan. That’s another differentiator when partnering with Commerce.”

One Boxley Group client enrolled in Commerce’s Accounts Payable Program after an introduction from Kathy. “Through the AP program, Commerce is saving my client $600,000 a year,” Pattillo reports. “That’s $600,000 they’re getting back now through their AP card program that they wouldn't have been getting back otherwise.”

As Pattillo moves forward with Boxley Group, she knows she has a dependable banking partner by her side. “I can leave a message for the Commerce team day or night,” Pattillo says, “and I get a response back within an hour. It doesn’t matter the day of the week or time of day. I get a response that makes this more of a relationship than a transaction. That’s part of why Commerce has so much to offer.”

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